God’s Will For You In 2021

I was going to name this Interruption “A Historic Event.” Interruption #300 on the first day of Spring, 2021!

Can you think of any date more important?

Please, those prone to conspiracy theories, the confluence of Spring and Interruption #300 is not predicted in the book of Revelation as a sign of the end-times.

To celebrate Interruption #300, can you think of anything better than to know and follow the exact will of God for your life?

When I get up in the morning, I pray, and I write an Interruption. If for no other reason than writing this blog gives me joy.

My primary emphasis point for my life, my ministry, and my blog is that I have found a friend in Jesus. For 49 years as a follower of Jesus, I find that I love Jesus more and more. My motive for overcoming addiction, being faithful to my wife, and serving as a minister (of course, I don’t want to be addicted; I love my wife, and I enjoy my occupation) but my love for Christ supports everything that I am.

I ask this question before making a big decision, “Jesus, is this seeking first your Kingdom?” Years ago, I memorized James 4:15, “If the Lord wills, I will do this or that.

One command of Jesus fascinates me the most, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” I have literally traveled to many nations teaching discipleship. While seeking to understand discipleship and how to implement the principles of growing in Christ, I wrote First Steps.

First Steps Conversations (the latest version) is a discipleship manual for new and renewed believers emphasizing one-on-one discipling – how to have a great relationship with Jesus.

When I first became a Christian, there was little, if any, discipleship material. I spent a summer getting up early in the morning and reading the Bible over and over.

As I read, I wrote in notebooks every verse that I thought had something to do with discipleship. From those notebooks, I began to write First Steps. I then discipled one-on-one and practiced.

From continued study and from continued discipling comes the latest version of First Steps called First Steps Conversations.

There is no greater joy as a Christian than seeing God working through you to impact the life of another person. Only about two percent of Christians can preach an effective sermon; about 20 percent can lead a quality small group; but everyone can disciple.

That is why Jesus gave you the Great Commission. You can disciple!

Loving Jesus and seeking first His Kingdom, all followers must focus on discipleship.  Believers have differing gifts and different callings, but all of us have one final command from Jesus.

Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All authority of the universe has been given to me.  Now wherever you go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  Matthew 28:18-19

If you consider 2020 then 2021, ask what you should do. Confidently, I can give you the exact will of Jesus…

Go and make disciples!

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