Five Moments of the Spirit

Success and happiness form upon momentary decisions made every day.

Your life mapped by completing an education, lived comfortably in a house with spouse and children, and success in your career – then one or two drinks over the limit and it all crashes.

A great life can be destroyed in a moment.

The opposite is true. Those with success give testimony to a moment when everything changed or focused them on their path – an insight during research, a spoken word, even the miraculous, and life changed from frustration to fulfillment.

Moments make a difference.

The Apostle Paul summarizes life in the Spirit in Galatians 5:25:

We live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.  ESV

If we walk with the Spirit, let us be aware of every moment of His leading.  OGV

The Spirit operates in moments.

An example: Studying the Bible – the Spirit inspires, comes upon you, and then gives an opportunity. The Spirit does not reveal a three-year plan. He intervenes or leads us to moments, to which we obey or disobey, receiving a blessing or not.

What will your moment be today?

Since Spirit-moments make a huge difference in our lives, it would be good to identify what they are and be ready for them. Through the years, I have identified “Five Moments of the Spirit.” I ask God each morning, “God help me to see the moments that you have planned for me today. Give me the awareness to notice, wisdom in my response, and courage to obey.”

  1. The Conversation Moment: I discuss “Grace Talk” often in Interruptions.  Based upon Ephesians 5:29, God gives us moments to speak grace into the lives of others. Often it comes after they have offended us but we give grace, not judgment. Sometimes it is prophetic. We see a person and get an encouraging insight, and as we speak, the Spirit plants a seed of His growth into their life.
  2. The Power Moment: I talk about “Stop ‘n Pray,” also in Interruptions. This can be uncomfortable. I once had a “power” moment on an elevator in a hospital when I heard a woman say that her husband was not going to live through the night. The Spirit said, “Follow her into her husband’s intensive care room and ask to pray for him and her.” I did. I felt embarrassed, but as I prayed, supernatural peace fell in that room.
  3. The Generosity Moment: These happen often and are too easily rejected because of our fleshly spirit of poverty. Jesus said that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Many of the significant open doors in my ministry began with a sacrificial opportunity to give financially. If you hear of a financial need, ask God, “What do you want me to give?”
  4. The Teaching Moment: Jesus instructs. He is the Word, and the Word will constantly bring teaching moments to you. Our trials and blessings are mostly teaching moments. Instead of doubt or complaint seek the wisdom of God. Be aware, you will get a teaching moment this week as this category is the most abundant. I fail often and then find the true meaning of grace – another blessing of keeping in step with the Spirit.
  5. The Attitude Moment: Paul writes in Romans 12:2 to be renewed in your mind. The Greek word for “renewed” means changing your process of thinking.  Some are bitter, others negative, many selfish, and too often, all of us bull-headed. We laugh while others cry, and think, “Oh well, that’s me.” But it is not God. Such freedom found when we learn to confess our bad attitudes, ask forgiveness, and change!

Life in the Spirit comes through moments. Unexpected and unwanted moments – interrupting our routines, our comfort, and challenging us. How do we respond?

It’s the difference between His presence bringing peace or a life of increasing frustration.

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