Eternal Investment Review

It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Acts 20:35 NASB95

One of the great “rites of passage” of living in America – if you are middle-aged or want to be middle-aged someday – is a financial review. Many advertisements on cable programs offer financial professionals able and willing to investigate your finances.

The financial advisors slice and dice your budget, your goals, your income, and investments while telling you the benefits of investing small increments of money over a long period of time. You learn that the path to a beach house is not hitting the investment lottery with Bitcoin, but $100 per month for 95 years.

I jest! I invest small increments, but as of yet, have no beach house in sight, but perhaps a new bicycle.

My question: have you done an “eternal investment review?” It is more important than a 401k assessment, as even Warren Buffett can’t take a penny with him into heaven. What you invest now for eternity will last for eternity

Your stocks have value for only this life or until the Biblically predicted end-times financial crash.

First Principle of Pastor Grant’s Eternal Investment Review: Understand the inherent worthlessness of anything that you own or have on earth. Harsh, I know. Work your entire life, and from an eternal perspective, have nothing at all.

Second Principle of Pastor Grant’s Eternal Investment Review: By reading the Bible, you get investment advice from Jesus. And this advice is free. For investments that last forever, the best advisor does not work for Charles Schwab. Meet the Spirit of God. Jesus teaches that the Spirit will lead you into all truth and will be there for you in any up or down quality of life situation.

Third Principle of Pastor Grant’s Eternal Investment Review: Give generously! The economy of eternity is based upon giving not saving. Jesus gave the best investment advice ever when he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Fourth Principle of Pastor Grant’s Eternal Investment Review: Be honest. I have noticed through the years that most people consider themselves to be generous. While officiating funerals, I’ve heard this eulogy quote over and over and over:

“He or she would give you anything.” Is this true? I’ve always doubted it.

I confess that I write a lot about money and generosity in Interruptions.

The number two topic of Jesus’s teaching (after the Kingdom of God) is stewardship.  Why? Generosity, truly understanding whether you have made wise investments, has an eternal reward and is essential to overcoming anxiety.

Back to the end-times financial disaster predicted through the number “666” in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 13:18).

One of two events will unfold with money in the end-times – either hyperinflation or quick devaluation – and either will make money worthless. No financial advisor can predict when, and most are not giving the right advice to prepare.

Remember Pastor Grant’s “Eternal Investment Review.” Living financially with an eternal perspective, while practicing generosity, will give you the faith for peace.

God provides. Nothing else is important.

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