Confession Increases Grace

With each confession, grace for change increases. Sin does not diminish God’s bank account of grace for you.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  1 John 1:9 NASB95

When unhappy or miserable, culture teaches us to party, get drunk, or medicate. Try something new – ask forgiveness. Don’t carry guilt and shame.

Confess it to God. Find freedom this weekend. Anytime, anywhere, for anything – it’s okay to cry out to God!

God doesn’t react like you or me. He has unlimited patience. God loves you when you resent Him. You can pray to Him all day with every inadequate prayer, and He still listens.

There is nothing that you can do for which He won’t forgive. In 49 years as a pastor, I have prayed with murderers, adulterers, liars, Pharisees, tax cheats, drug addicts, and the hard-hearted, and everyone had relief when asking forgiveness.

Sin separates us from relationships. It brings guilt and self-condemnation.

Sin enough and you destroy your ability to love God, others, and self. The word “sin” means “to miss the target” of a great relationship. You sin and you lose faith, peace, love, self-control, and your friends.

God is love, and He is so concerned that you live in love, He sent the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, unrighteousness, and the judgment or repercussions of our unloving actions and attitudes (John 16:8). If you are doing something wrong, unjust, or erring, the Spirit will convict you.


God does what He says. If you confess under conviction you are forgiven. The Bible teaches that there is only one sin that cannot be forgiven – blasphemy of the Spirit.

Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.  Matthew 12:31 ESV

What is the one sin that can’t be forgiven? Since the Spirit came to convict of sin, and any sin confessed can be forgiven, the only sin that can’t be forgiven is the one unconfessed after being convicted by the Spirit of God.

Blasphemy of the Spirit – the unforgivable sin – is turning your back on the Spirit. You deny the Spirit’s truth and continue to walk in your sin. You don’t confess sin and it can’t be forgiven.

You have blasphemed or denied the Spirit’s work in your life. But not today…

  1. Ask the Spirit to convict you of sin. Often, a repetitive sin has been self-justified, so ask someone what the Spirit is saying to them about you.
  2. Confess sin freely and quickly. If you sin again, confess again.  Continued confession doesn’t weaken the Spirit’s resolve but releases new grace every time.
  3. Change. Yes, you can. Forgiveness comes with repentance but there can be a difficult price for changing. You might have to give up a friendship, stop attending a bar, see a counselor, or get a friend who will hold you accountable.

Someone told me once, “I had to ask forgiveness 53 times for doing a sin over and over.”   I did not ask what the sin was, I asked, “What happened after 53 times of asking forgiveness?” He said, “I stopped doing it.” He also said, “I haven’t done it since.”

Jesus mentions that we should forgive others 70 times seven which means that He will forgive you more times than that.

You might need continued confession to find freedom. Paul prayed three times for his thorn to be removed; King David writes about sin and confession over and over; Peter was forgiven three times as well.

Confession isn’t a withdrawal from God’s limited bank account of grace. Sorry, no more grace on this sin for you! What is awesome about grace? With each confession, grace is added to us. It builds and builds until we are delivered.

Truth: with each confession, grace for change increases!

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