The Beginning and End of The Book Of Revelation

More and more focus will be given to the book of Revelation in the coming years.

Whereas many of us have ignored the book as unknowable, when the actual historical events foreshadowed in the book of Revelation begin to happen, we will have those “Uh, oh” moments and think, “I remember reading that in the last book of the Bible.”

The book of Revelation begins and ends with the same topic. Heaven!

In chapter 4 of my New American Standard Bible95, the title is given “Scene in Heaven.”  The NASB95 also has the title “The New Heaven and Earth” for the beginning of chapter 21.

The book of Revelation begins with heaven and ends with heaven, and in between, there is victory, judgment, battles, plagues, and world-shattering events. The Apostle John was instructed to write this Revelation with the thoughtful inspiration of the Spirit to begin and end the difficult prophecies with – heaven.

Hope – our ultimate objective! In just a moment (from an eternal perspective), all of us who proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior will be there.

Chapter 4 depicts heaven as worship. Heaven – chapter 21 describes heaven as understanding and knowledge. The pain of history derives from worship lost (worship is honoring God in all things). Our doubt comes from not understanding why God allows evil.

In Chapter 4, all creation aligns for worship ending sin for eternity. Chapter 21 allows us to see God, and the truth of His presence banishes our tears.

In heaven, we will worship (Chapter 4!).

The phrase, “Holy, Holy, Holy” is used by the four living creatures (4:8).

Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “Love, Love, Love, ” or “Joy, Joy, Joy.” Holiness is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Holiness is not a wet blanket stifling our fun, as true happiness thrives in the fruit of the Spirit.

Joy and happiness will be two descriptors of heaven. We will finally know holiness – that self-seeking undermines peace. We will shout, “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

In heaven, we will understand (Chapter 21!).

Truth. Seeing God is knowing. Total and complete understanding!

In God’s presence, there will be no lies, co-dependence, self-justification, or denial. All actions, thoughts, and motives will be revealed. God’s Spirit is truth. The flesh cannot hide in the glow of God’s glory.

Those “evil” will understand they are evil.

All evil will be judged by truth. The hard-hearted, not regretting on earth, will find eternal regret in God’s presence. Sin justifies by denying responsibility, anger dwells in vengeance, injustice thrives through pride and power.

In heaven, all sin, all anger, all injustice – stripped of pride, power, denial, and self-justification – will stand naked before God. The powerful on earth will be pitiful before the throne.

I’m glad I will be covered by the blood.

For those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Apostle John writes the most poignant words of history:

Jesus will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.  Revelation 21:4


Interruptions will feature the book of Revelation in 2021.
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