It’s Me Or Jesus In Leadership

Jesus said, “You can do nothing without me.”  John 15:5 OGV

There are two styles of leadership – Me or Jesus.

When you are in charge, your leadership efforts must be about control. When Jesus is in charge, you serve Him and then you serve others. “Me” leaders plan, list goals, and encourage or enforce others to get with the system. With Jesus, you pray, wait, and follow.

I’ve tried the two types of leadership styles. Admittedly, even though I know the “Jesus” style is best, I often slip back to “Me” in charge.

Several years ago, our church went through a financial crisis. A good friend gave me a book entitled “The Choice.” Yes, the book contrasted the “Me” with the “Jesus” leadership style.

A quote from this book redefined my approach to leading:

Focusing on obedience in the little things, trusting in God rather than taking control, and waiting on the Lord’s bigger picture to unfold—call us to a place of continually seeking the Spirit’s leading and following His guidance even when it feels like that is the last thing we should do.

First:  Focus on the little things.

Paul writes that we are not to give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:27). Lack of discipline, small compromises, or just being too tired weakens our “spirit sense” of right and wrong. We get exhausted, lose awareness, and then the evil one strikes with temptation or a spiritual attack.

Almost every leader who has stumbled and almost every leader who never stumbled, considering their years in leadership, conclude, “I wish I would have spent more time with Jesus.”

Second:  Trusting God rather than taking control.

It’s a knee-jerk reaction when something needs to happen – give the command. The church lacks growth – decide on a plan. The staff needs to organize – consult with experts.

In all the planning is it “Me” or “Jesus”? How can you tell?

I’ve been through many SWOT analyses, alphabet personality tests (am I a “J” or “I” or just an “OG”?), and organizational meetings. Lots of talk and lots of ideas and few of them had time for in-depth prayer on the agenda.

Our plans in our strength – weary to the bone, while God’s plans leave time for a regular bike ride, game of golf, or dinners with your spouse.

Third:  Waiting for the bigger picture to unfold.

How can you plan or control effectively in “Me” leadership when you have no idea about the future? In 2019, how effective would hundreds of hours in planning have been for 2020?

God has a plan, and when we get in step with His Spirit, He works all things to the good. We can relax! Or not. The choice is yours.

Me or Jesus?

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