From my studies, the Bible doesn’t give the command, “Go on vacation.” Psalm 37:4 does say, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I’m on vacation today.

What? How did you write this Interruption? In advance. I will be traveling with my wife, children, and grandchildren for two weeks. Sometime soon, freshly written Interruptions will change to my favorite already written Interruptions.

To some, they will be new, but to others, they will be a review. Read and memorize all of them word for word. You will be tested on the content before admittance to heaven.

My wife and I made a commitment to go on vacation every summer when we were married. For two reasons: we wanted to make memories and we love all things ocean – the beach, sitting by the water reading books, the sun and being buried in sand by grandkids.

I understand some prefer mountains for vacation. I’ve seldom been on a mountain vacation, so I won’t sneer or make a disparaging remark.

Growing up, my parents took us on a vacation every summer.

I still remember every trip. I don’t remember the color of the carpet in my childhood home, but I do remember going into the ocean for the first time with my father in Virginia Beach. I don’t remember what type of car my father drove but I do remember trying to surf on Jekyll Island with a board that he purchased for me.

All of us consider where to spend our money. I’m glad my parents made a priority of vacationing instead of purchasing a nicer car.

This summer, my wife and I are going on a vacation after a vacation.

First, we will visit North Myrtle Beach with six grandchildren. A lot of fun but exhausting. After North Myrtle Beach, we will go to Charleston, South Carolina, for a week by ourselves.

The first vacation necessitates the second vacation.

You don’t have to travel for a great vacation. The idea of “staycation” has become popular, and in the age of COVID or, in general, “the end” times, staying home might be the best option. As a pastor, I was never successful vacationing at home. Emergencies, funerals, or just seeing someone in a store brought me quickly back from vacationer to pastor.

Barbara and I left town for vacation.

My children chose our location for vacation this year. I like quieter places but as parents with kids, they like the convenience of a condo close to the water for quick trips back for naps, food, and too much sun.

Grandparents are accoutrements (fun accessories) for vacationing parents with children. I might be asked to help dig a sandcastle or keep a watchful eye out for sharks, monster squid, jellyfish, or a Godzilla that might be in the water.

Favorite vacation verses:

My OG (Old Guy is my grandparent name; pronounced “Oh Gee”) will supply all of my needs for snacks, ice cream, and things I want to purchase that my parents won’t buy (Philippians 4:19 – Grandkids’ Version).

Greater is He who is in me than what menace can be the water (1 John 4:4 – Fearful Parents Version). It is usually best to repeat this verse from memory while listening to the theme song from Jaws.

I can do all things on vacation except beat my wife in Boggle™, Corn Hole™, or miniature golf (Philippians 4:13 – Old Guy Version).

I also carry lots of small bills in my wallet on vacation. You never know when the “OG, I need to buy this!” emergency will happen with a grandkid.

It is fantastic to feel wanted and needed.

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