Starting Your Day

Psalm 5 is the “go-to” chapter for learning to start your day. I pray the last verse in the morning for my day. You should pray it too:

Lord, today, cover me with your favor.  Verse 12 OGV

Discovering Psalm 5 gives insight into sleeping well, battling the 3 a.m. demonic sleep disrupters, and waking in anticipation of blessing. Someone recently told me, “I don’t feel like getting up in the morning.”

God’s intention for you as you start the day:

From the peace that I find in you, I sing for joy in all circumstances. I know that you will protect me and those that I love throughout the day. In all things, I will exult you.  Verse 11 OGV

Each day begins with the night before. Verses 1 and 2 of Psalm 5 describe prayers before you go to sleep:

God, thank you for listening about my day. I give you my trials. I ask forgiveness for getting angry at my co-worker. Tomorrow, let my words encourage others. I call out to you for this difficulty that I will face tomorrow.   OGV (The Old Guy Version [OGV] is a loose translation inspired by living a passage of scripture.)

If you fall asleep well, you will get up even better.

However – however – nighttime can be a time of spiritual battle (read Daniel in the Old Testament.) Learning victory in warfare at night will allow God to give you renewing dreams and visions. (Again, read Daniel. No one in history received more history-changing visions, but before he received those visions, Daniel learned to be victorious at 3 a.m.)

Victory at 3 a.m. leads to Godly dreams, righteousness, and happiness:

God, I pray for righteousness in my life, with my family, and our nation. Let us stop boasting of evil. Father, extend your mercy to me and those who seek to dwell in you. In this difficult time, raise up those who will be latter-day prayer warriors – those who seek to worship you in all things.

God, I stand against this attack of fear in my sleep. Let me understand the weaknesses in my life and in our country that allow the footholds for fear. I pray for victory, and I pray for revival.

Many live today aiming for deception and loving what is worthless. Father, pour out your righteousness. Let me not be infected with the Doubting Thomas spirit of this age.  

Give me supernatural faith.

The above prayer was not only inspired by Psalm 5:4-7 and 9-10 but by Psalm 4:4 and 8, Psalm 20:1, and Psalm 103:3-5. I have found these verses to accelerate prayers of victory.

Psalm 5 says the same about our praying in the morning:

Every morning I will order my prayers with a willingness to serve you today. As I look upon my day, I ask to be found faithful in obedience and sacrifice for your Kingdom. Here is my schedule – I give it to you.  

Let the fire of your presence fall upon my heart.  Verse 3

End morning prayers with blessing, spoken upon yourself and others. Get rid of anger and curses. Do not start a day in frustration. The Lord desires you to…

…be welcomed into His presence. That your day will cause you to bow and give glory to His power, grace, and mercy. That your path today will be free of distractions and hindrances. That in all things you will rejoice. That God would protect and exalt you.  Verses 8-11

Amen. Have a great day. Let His presence and peace follow you.

And tonight – ZZZZZZ… zzzzz… ZZZZZ… zzzz!

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