Miggy vs. Maggy Moments

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

I often discuss Miggy Moments (perhaps too often), but I haven’t discussed Maggy Moments at all. I apologize. Miggy Moments can be dangerous while Maggy Moments are always good.

Generalize this topic by thinking: Miggy = bad and Maggy = good.

The brain has an Amygdala – or Amygdalae as there are two. This is the fight, flight, or freeze part of the brain. It acts quickly in an emergency – often without conscious thought. Having a Miggy Moment is a narrow focus (you don’t see the larger picture) – reaction with little empathy, and response with no thought.

Miggies are good while running from an irate bear but harmful in a discussion with your spouse.

The brain also has an entire section reserved for Maggy Moments. It is the parasympathetic nervous system. The Maggy Moment acts opposite of the Miggy giving broad perspective, creative moments, and insight.

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration when suddenly a solution presented itself? Or had a breakthrough moment in a relationship, or realized that dogs are good, and cats are not?

You are having a Maggy Moment!

Miggies are good when chased by a dog while riding a bike. Maggies are better for writing novels, creating romantic moments, and solving world peace.

John Kotter (I read all things “Kotter”) writes in his new book Change:

Humans have within them something we call the Survive Channel. It has the biological equivalent of a radar system that is constantly on the lookout for threats.

The Thrive Channel also has a radar system, but instead of looking for threats, it seeks opportunities.

Miggy = Survive Channel looking for threats. Maggy = Thrive Channel seeking opportunities in a threat.

The overwhelming problem of Miggy vs. Maggy is change.

In past years, we traveled by horse at 4 mph while today a Tesla goes from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. My father had 97 books about the Bible on a large bookshelf, while I have over 500 books on my laptop.

Quick change (today’s culture) stimulates a Miggy Moment, while calmly sitting by Walden Pond inspires a Maggy Moment.

The Miggy takes control, becoming difficult to stop – life on a treadmill which sooner than later breaks. The Maggy is humbler, usually surfacing upon request by a determined effort to calm and rest.

God created us!

He knows all about Miggy vs. Maggy. As God doesn’t use this language in describing them, I’m helping with my description.

God created us spiritual/psychological/physical. As originally created, Miggy/Maggy psychological responses were to be controlled by the Spirit in conjunction with the physical. But after the Fall, Adam and Eve, and the rest of us, found ourselves with our Miggy/Maggy controlled by the flesh and constantly fighting the Spirit.

That’s why Jesus says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.”

More on Miggy vs. Maggy tomorrow. Please don’t lose sleep waiting. It will arrive no sooner or later than 6 a.m. (Eastern) in your e-mail inbox.

Have a Maggy Moment today!

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