Be Spirit-Filled By Reading Unbanned Pastor Grant

Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”  Matthew 28:18-19

I’m interrupting Interruptions for publication information.

Great News!

Recently, all of you have been receiving Interruptions twice. One from our old e-mail sender and another from our new e-mail sender. You may not know that you are receiving two Interruptions because the new sender’s Interruptions are being sent to your spam folder.

My opinion: The algorithms used by social media conspire against God, Interruptions, and good coffee while supporting cats and gossip against The Ohio State Buckeyes.

If you only received one – look in your Spam/Other/Clutter/Junk folder and click it to always send Interruptions to your normal folder. If you received both, don’t fret, sometime this week the older sender will stop, and you will receive only one Interruption from the new sender.

How can you tell if you are receiving from the new sender?

First, it will have Constant Contact as the sender at the end of the e-mail.

Second, it looks better (thanks to my amazing wife).

Third, on the “Spirit-filling” indicator the older sender clocked at 5 or 6 out of 10. The new sender now clocks at an 8 or 9 “Spirit-filling” rate (only by reading the Bible do you get a constant “10” rating).

To get this increased filling, please make sure that Constant Contact is now sending you Interruptions.

More Great News!

I’m now unbanned on Facebook with Interruptions!

I’m not sure why I was banned to begin with; something about violating community standards – HHHHMMMHHM. I believe I was unbanned because of the persistence of my wife and many prayers by you.

Unbanned! Check out GrantEdwardsAuthor and forward an Interruption to friends, family, and foes on Facebook.

Besides writing Interruptions (found here); I focus attention on one-on-one discipleship at this website, DisciplingAnother.


  • 80 percent of new believers walk away from faithfulness within the first three months of deciding to follow Jesus
  • 53 percent of churches reported no discipleship wins in 2020
  • 43 percent of churches say that small groups aren’t working for discipleship
  • 97 percent of churches believe that the Great Commission (discipleship) is the primary mission of the church while 42 percent of those leaders are not confident in their church’s ability to make disciples in the future
  • 82 percent believe that improving their discipleship process is the most essential win for their church in the next year

Church leaders and Christians have considered, “How will 2020 and COVID change the church in America?”

A good result is the renewed emphasis on discipleship.

Please check what we are doing at DisciplingAnother. We can help with content or conferences to help your church have a win for discipleship in 2021 and beyond.

Finally, let’s consider the potential of an unbanned Pastor Grant, though I admit it’s better to consider what Jesus can do with all of us fulfilling His commission to go and disciple the nations.

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