Psalms On Saturday ~ Psalm 44

Psalm 44 helps us understand defeat.

The Passion Translation titles this Psalm – Wake up, Lord, We’re in Trouble! (v. 23)

Have you felt abandoned by God? That is the context for this Psalm.

~ You have turned your back on us (v. 9).

~ You are no longer helping us (v. 10).

~ You have caused our neighbors to despise and scorn us… You have made us the butt of their jokes (vv. 13-14).

~ There seems to be no escape (v. 15).

Israel had suffered a humiliating military defeat at the hand of the Edomites and Arameans – for us today, think Russia and China. Or consider your boss and co-worker conspiring to eliminate your job. Maybe even your spouse with someone else.

Betrayal and defeat! Devastating.

Psalm 44 isn’t about casual trials –the “hard work today” or “lost a customer” or “someone was mean to me on social media.” The Israelites suffered the loss of life, freedom, and possessions.

There are four parts to this Psalm.

First:  Hey God, You helped us in the past (vv. 1-8).

Second:  So, why aren’t You helping us now (vv. 9-16)?

Third:  Where are you? As far as we know we haven’t sinned (vv. 17-22).

Fourth:  It’s not over yet. You will help us (vv. 23-26).

Psalm 44 teaches how to respond to persecution or trials that come without just cause. Let’s read a verse from each section:

First:  You helped us in the past.

~ We have heard all about your glorious miracles that you did for our ancestors (v. 1).

Second:  Why aren’t you helping now?

~ You have turned your back on us; you walked off and left us (v. 9).

Third:  What did we do wrong? You should be helping us.

~ Despite all of this, we have not forgotten you; we have not broken covenant with you (v. 17).

Fourth:  It’s not over and we know that You will help.

~ Arise, awake, and come to help us, O Lord. Let your unfailing love save us from this sorrow (v. 26).

Life can be unfair. Seemingly unjust. Don’t manufacture guilt or immediately think that you have done something wrong, unless the Spirit convicts you of something.

God hasn’t gone to sleep! Dwell in praise, not self-pity. Verse 3 says that deliverance comes through His presence!

With the Israelites, in my life, and for you as well – God rises up and gives victory.

Amen. God doesn’t take Sominex™.

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