This is why we abandon everything morally impure and all forms of wicked conduct. Instead, with a sensitive spirit, we absorb God’s Word, which has been implanted within our nature, for the Word of Life has power to continually deliver us. (James 1:21 TPT)

A new term to consider – BrainScatter© .

I’ve been called scatterbrained my entire life. I’m not talking about the normal forgetfulness or distracted attention span that we all endure.  

BrainScatter© is a re-wiring of the brain, making it difficult if not impossible to maintain focus for lengthy periods of time.

Why is this dangerous and perhaps a sign of the end-times?

I’ve memorized scripture for 50 years. One of my favorites is James 1:21. I love the word implanted used in connection to God’s Word. The word implanted in the Greek indicates God’s deep voice taking root and growing within the soul.

If receiving the Word implanted is essential for understanding and achieving victory over the erroneous and egregious thoughts that damage God’s calling in our life, what happens if our brain loses the ability to receive the Word implanted?


A great joy of walking with Jesus is one-on-one discipleship. I train both new and renewed believers to memorize scripture.  

Decades ago, the new believers I encountered loved to memorize scripture. Many would develop lists of helpful verses to memorize. One new believer, just off to Bible college, asked his professor if he could memorize the entire book of 1 John for his term paper!

Today, I don’t hear a lot about memorizing scripture.  

In many ways, it’s not necessary as you can have instant access to scripture, look up verses immediately, and read any version that you want – all from your mobile device.

I don’t think any of the mobile device technology can replace literal memorization for receiving the Word implanted.

In the past few years, as I’ve asked new believers to memorize scripture, many have confessed to difficulty in doing that. The question:  Have we and today’s generation of believers rewired our brains through instant and shallow media interaction making memorization difficult if not impossible?

Yes! This is BrainScatter©!

Much has been learned about neuroplasticity in the last few decades.  

The brain re-wires itself according to your attention span. Reading long books and memorizing passages of scripture enables your brain to easily maintain the focus needed. Constant attention-change wires the brain to crave tidbits of info and inhibits lengthy meditation.

BrainScatter© makes implanting the Word impossible!

The Apostle Paul writes about BrainScatter© in his second letter to his disciple Timothy:

They are always learning but not able to discover the revelation-knowledge of truth (2 Timothy 3:7 TPT)

This is happening today, so many facts and bits of information are indulged daily, without recognizing that the over-stimulation of media quenches the ability to discern truth and develop wisdom.

The Word can’t be implanted, and the soul can’t be healed. 

The result – much distress, despair, and disappointment accumulates in each of our lives. God’s deliverance by the healing of the Word has been disconnected.


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