Five Scriptures For Spiritual Fitness

My news feeds constantly give me fitness tips, and for some reason, I’ve received several tips for losing belly fat in the past week.  


I have five verses that I constantly review that keep the fat from my spiritual life.

  1. Ephesians 4:29.  At the very end of the verse it says this about our conversations: “…so that our words give grace to those who hear us.”

A determined effort to use grace in conversations means deflecting criticism, eliminating sarcasm, and saying words that build up.

  1. Luke 6:38.  “Give and it will be given to you!”

The only solution to the selfishness that destroys relationship is generosity. You can’t build a generous spirit without giving away a significant percentage of your income.

  1. James 1:21.  “Receive the word implanted which will clear your spirit of toxins” (OGV).

Memorizing scripture allows God’s word to cleanse your mind of filthy thoughts and guide your actions toward giving and receiving grace. There is power in the word of God!

  1. John 16:23.  “Whatever you ask of the Father in my name, He will give it to you.”

This promise of asking (there is no fine print) is taught by Jesus in the context of the tribulation of the latter days. Asking specifically is learning to keep lists of requests and answers. By understanding the lessons of answered and unanswered prayers, you will increase your faith for more influential prayers.

  1. Ephesians 5:18.  “…be filled with God’s Spirit!”

Ask the Lord to reveal to you what this means for you. All of us have besetting sins and hidden attitudes hindering the release of God’s Spirit. The Lord will reveal them and let you know what is needed for victory.

Paul writes in Romans 8 that the children of God are led by God. He writes that to fully embrace our heritage as adopted children, we need to suffer like Christ.

Not all suffering is painful. Consider exercise. At my gym, those lifting hundreds of pounds seem to enjoy the effort. As I lift my 10 pounds standing next to them, I admit that I’m impressed.

Genetics has a lot to do with the ability to become an elite athlete. No amount of hard work will ever allow me to be the next Joe Burrow.

However, scaling any mountain is possible for those who walk in God’s Spirit! We have the genes of Christ through His Spirit.

P.S.  By faith, I lifted 20 pounds last week! Nobody was impressed.

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