Commanding Faith

Whoever says he abides in Jesus ought to walk in the same way in which he walked (1 John 2:6).

We are to follow the example of Jesus. Reading the gospels, we notice the commanding faith of Christ.

Jesus rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” (Mark 4:39).

So that you may know the Son of Man has the right and the power on earth to forgive sins,” He said to the man who could not move his body, “I say to you, get up. Take your bed and go to your home” (Luke 5:24).

Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:43).

Jesus commanded storms to cease, illness to be gone, and the dead to rise. The Apostle John writes in 1 John, “…when we abide in Jesus, we ought to walk in the way in which He walked.”

I want to have the commanding faith of Jesus. I believe that you do too.

In scripture, there isn’t a lot of fine print, disclaimers, or even excuses for unanswered prayers. However, when we think of commanding sickness, demons, and weather in the name of Jesus – we pause. Do we have enough faith? What happens if this prayer isn’t answered?

I have tried taking authority over demons, weather, and extreme sickness. Many of my prayers didn’t work out according to my request.

In most of my failed endeavors throughout my life, I had one thought – I’m going to try it again. 

  • The first time I attempted to swim, at five years of age, was by jumping into the deep end of a pool. Fortunately, my mother was there to pull me out. I then went to the baby pool and taught myself to float.
  • My first sermon:  Yep, I needed to try again. After 50 years, sometimes I think that I’m still trying.
  • Conversations with my wife.  She is soooo patient!

I still command sickness to be gone, finances to be released, and strongholds to be broken. I’ve witnessed God’s power but am often frustrated. Despite feeling like an infant in praying for the sick, I know Jesus wants me to try again.

Jesus rarely said, “If it’s your will, God.” He already knew God’s will and He just gave the command. As I see God’s will in my life, I have greater success with commanding faith.

God’s authority is given to us when we receive His assignments. Jesus assigns according to our calling.

I have witnessed amazing miracles through my prayers. Every follower of Jesus that I know gives testimony of miracles they’ve experienced. Commanding faith grows by obeying, learning to rejoice in the struggle of faith, and trying again after failure.

I did jump back into the deep end of the pool within a week of my near-drowning experience. My mother wasn’t there. But I floated and made it back to the pool ladder.

I never became Michael Phelps in my swimming, but scripture does teach that I can become like Jesus with commanding faith.

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