The Soon Return Is Soon!

From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates (Matthew 24:32-33, ESV).

Trees are beginning to bud in Ohio – Spring is near.

Wars, rumors of war, evil, anger, impurity, bitterness, deception, terrorism, and depression – all increasing exponentially right now, indicating the soon return of the Lord.

Jesus desires all to be saved (2 Peter 3:9) and “signs of the times” or prophecies of His soon return are a call for Christians to be ready. There are 600 prophecies about the end-times throughout the Bible, and Biblical scholar David Reagan says, “One out of every 25 verses in the New Testament relate to the return of Jesus.”

When Jesus comes back, no one will be able to say, “God, why didn’t you tell me? I knew nothing about this.”

One time, I made an announcement in church of an event, and afterwards in the foyer I asked a man, “Aren’t you excited about the concert next Friday?” To which he replied, “I haven’t heard about it.”

If you are caught unawares on Judgment Day, the Spirit will point out 600 passages in the Bible!

In the past month, as I’ve watched the news, I’ve seen the following “signs of the times.” For believers who read the Bible, there is no reason to be surprised by Jesus’s return.

Wars and Rumors of War (Matthew 24:6)

The entire world is fixated upon Ukraine. Embedded in Russia’s threatening posture is rumor-mongering of more wars if western nations don’t back away.  

Rise of Europe and a New World Order (Daniel 7:23-24 & Revelation 17:12-13)

Recently, the President of the United States flew to Europe talking about a “new world order.” At the same time, the President of Ukraine was also talking about a “new world order.” The implication, even from our President, was that it would be focused in Europe.

The Bible indicates that Europe will again become a premiere military force. All of NATO is now re-arming.

Unbelievable Technology (Daniel 12:4)

Right after Daniel saw a vision, he was told to seal up the information until the end of time. This prophecy had to do with an “increase in knowledge.” If Daniel received a glimpse of mobile devices, satellites, and rockets smashing tanks – it explains that when he asked for an explanation of what he’d been shown, he was told – this information is for the end-times.

I’ve been fixated watching YouTube “real-time” battle scenes by soldiers with streaming Go-Pros. 

The immediate availability of a “one-world” currency after a total collapse of all monetary systems can be imagined with the fall of the Ruble and the availability of Crypto Currency.

Continued Regathering of Jews to Israel (Jeremiah 31:8)

The Prophet Jeremiah predicts that in the end-times, God will call the Jewish people back to Israel from the north. One-third of the population of Israel is now Russian speaking from all the Jews who have emigrated from former Communist countries since the 1990s.

There are an estimated 200,000 Jews now living in Ukraine.

From talking to believers, reading blogs, studying scripture, and listening to Christian media, there is an overwhelming sense of the imminence of Jesus’s return. I believe God leads and talks with His children and He wouldn’t come back without a strong indication from His Spirit.

The prophetic fig tree of Matthew 24 is about to bloom.