In Three Years, Jesus Returns!

The gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14, ESV).

Matthew 24:14 is an amazing promise. Jesus states that when the gospel has been preached to the entire world, then the end will come.

I tend to believe Jesus. How about you?

The apostles asked Jesus about the day of His return in the Gospel of Matthew, and He gave a list of signs. The most specific was “when the gospel has been proclaimed” to the entire world.  

We don’t know the exact day but using the very words of Jesus, we know He will come when the nations have heard the gospel.

Asking the question today, “When will Jesus return?”, we can expect a much better answer, while still not knowing the exact day.

Modern tools of research allow us to know how many nations exist, how many of those nations have been reached, and how long it will take to proclaim the gospel to the nations unengaged. 

The answer that Jesus did not give the disciples 2,000 years ago can be discovered today – at least we can come close. And the answer is… 


In a recent “Global Update” published by Finishing the Task, the report detailed analytics, statistics, and graphs to justify their goal of – well, why don’t you just read it below: 

Our vision: Church planting movement engagements in every people and place by December 31, 2025! ( – scroll down) 

MMMMHHHMMH… this year is 2022, and using the math and concise thinking that readers of Interruptions expect of Pastor Grant, I conclude that 2025 is only three years away.


The “gospel… to the end of the age” prophecy by Jesus urges our participation.

Jesus gave the Great Commission in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples… until the end of the age,” indicating that we can hasten His return with our obedience.

I recently heard a businessman ranting about a recent political event, while also complaining about the sad state of our country. My thought is, “Instead of losing your peace, start discipling and give to missionary movements that work to reach the nations.” 

My thoughts continued, “Work hard, and in three years you won’t have anything to complain about!”


We know from the words of Jesus and modern research – from the implications of Matthew 24:14 and what we know from current statistics – that we can have total world peace and a perfect government in just three years.

Let’s stop bickering and start discipling!