Generosity In The End-Times

It is required of stewards that they be found faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2, ESV).

Are Christians in America generous? Are you generous?

I’ve been considering that the “soon” return of Jesus will be “sooner” than most people expect. And the question that I’ve been asking is a question that Jesus asked,

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8)

Faith is directly tied to stewardship.

Americans have been given huge material resources. It’s estimated that U.S. Christians make $5.2 trillion annually, or nearly half of the world’s total Christian income. Are we –  by faith – being good stewards of this income?

Let’s consider two facts – that Jesus is returning soon, and when He returns, He will examine our faith! Obviously, being a good steward of our finances is an indicator of faith.

Recent studies (Vanco Faith) indicate that only five percent of church-goers tithe. Oops, not a good day for most of us when Jesus checks our giving statements.

In my personal giving considerations, and while listening to others, I’ve noted the following thoughts or comments that are troubling. I also list my counterweight thoughts. 

  • My life situation keeps me from tithing. Often this “life situation” is caused by unwise decisions which won’t change until a generous Spirit takes control.
  • When I get older, I will be able to tithe. Unfortunately, every age-period of life has unique financial challenges.  
  • I don’t agree with what the church does with my money. Two considerations: first, then research an organization with which you agree and tithe to it, and second, the blessing is in the giving. Giving means relinquishing control.

From my age perspective (old and getting older), I have the following observations:

  • What will God say when we enter heaven with thousands if not millions in our accounts and we didn’t participate in His agenda for “now” – discipling the nations right before He comes back?
  • I’ve heard an unusual number of believers with significant amounts of money express worry about not having enough for retirement.

The opposite of faith is fear. 

When we stop our generosity, fear encroaches. God does not want us to live in anxiety and fear – His antidote is disciplined generosity. As we age, both chronologically and in following Jesus, our faith should grow deeper resulting in more radical stewardship.

I want Jesus to find me a good steward, filled with peace when He returns.

How about you?