Angels Watching Over Us

God orders his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands, so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone (Psalm 91:11-12, NLT).

In Interruption #764, I reviewed Billy Graham’s book Angel’s: God’s Secret Agents.

Graham discusses in his book how almost all Christians have an “angel story” that has happened in their lives. 

I have and you probably have too.

At the end of Interruption #764, I asked the readers of this blog to send in their stories. 

From a brother in Christ… 

About 10 years ago, at the Springfield Memorial Day Parade, I was on one side of a side street walking toward the parade route. My daughter and 2-year-old grandson, Elijah, were on the other side. There were parked cars on their side. She let him out of the stroller and seeing me, he started to cross the street. A car going too fast was headed their way. I yelled “stop.” Miraculously, he did. I often wonder why he did. Now I know…

From a sister in Christ…

When driving to Fellowship for early morning prayer, I crossed a short-arched bridge. As I crested the top and started down, my headlights picked up a large buck that was approaching the road right at the foot of the bridge. There was no way to avoid him or stop in time, but he suddenly stopped, reared up on his hind legs, twisted, and ran quickly back into the field. Why? Well, we read about Balaam’s donkey being able to see the angel … I think my guardian angel was standing there on the side of the road waving his arms and saying, “BOO!” (Or maybe something more dignified than that…)

From the same sister …

I toured Europe with a bicentennial choir in 1976, and when we first arrived in Paris we were all dropped off for the afternoon, with instructions to go to an Ecole where we were to spend the night. A friend and I began the journey on the underground Metro, but we found ourselves quite lost late at night at a deserted Metro station. As the two of us stood in front of a huge map and tried to find our way, suddenly there was a gentle older man standing with us who asked us (in English!) where we wanted to go. We told him, and he told us we needed to transfer to a rail line above ground, giving us detailed instructions. We thanked him, turned back to the map for a moment, and when I turned to thank him again, we were alone in that huge station. Not another person anywhere.

From a wife and husband… 

Years ago, my husband and I were driving at night in a hard driving rainstorm on a winding, two-lane road in rural Kentucky. The road’s edge lines were nearly impossible to see. As we rounded an early bend in this trip, we saw in front of us a white van with the words “Church Bus” written on it (no ID of what church). We were able to follow the tail lights of this van through the storm and winding road, and had assurance we would stay on the road, or at least have warning if there was a problem ahead. As the road began to straighten, we rounded the last bend, approaching the town of our destination and the van was no longer there. There was no road where the van could have turned off. We were convinced the van was driven by our guardian angels. 

Shared with my wife by a friend during a breakfast this week about someone who reads Interruptions

The friend said that her brother was a missionary in India who told her that an Indian pastor friend of his was holding a baptismal service in a river. There were many onlookers on the riverbank. Suddenly a large group of Hindus appeared and those at the baptism knew that something bad was going to happen. But just as suddenly, the group of Hindus dispersed and left. Later, one of the onlookers said that he saw a shiny band of beings with weapons appear along the riverbank.

What do dangerous parades, a disappearing man, a large buck, a school bus, and armed beings surrounding a baptism have in common?