Ordered Words To God

In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch (Psalm 5:3, NASB1995).

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Americans will send and receive over 145 million cards today. Most of these cards will be quickly discarded, and the contained words forgotten. I know I get a C- for romanticism on the world’s most romantic day.

I’ve been intrigued by one phrase in the NASB1995 translation of Psalm 5:3 when the Psalmist writes, “In the morning I will order my prayer.” Have you ever ordered your prayers in the morning? 

A Valentine’s card has carefully ordered words.  

These words are written to express love or bring a tear or elicit laughter. The cards that we give today are examples of “ordered” or “planned with intent” words.

I have ordered words when I first see my granddaughter, Lila. I say, “Lila, have I said ‘I love you’ yet today?” She must think I’m an idiot because I just saw her, but she always gives me her sheepish smile and shakes her head no.

I also have ordered words that I say to God each morning. 

They have become habitual; I consider them “our talk.” Do you have certain words that you repeatedly say to a spouse, child, or friend – they don’t become old, the words have history, and the repetition becomes a code of affirmed relationship? 

What are my ordered words?

God, You are good and great!

This phrase has layers of philosophy and theology.  

Agnostics claim, “With evil in the world, either God isn’t great enough to deal with it, or He isn’t good enough to care.” This argument falls apart when we remember a God who became flesh to overcome evil, died, and was resurrected, giving us hope for eternity.

We serve a good and great God.

I thank You and praise You!

I often don’t give specific examples of thankfulness or praise; I just want to express gratitude and worship.

“Thank you” is an appreciation for what God has done, while “praise” focuses on the awesome nature of God. Our praise (realizing God’s power) will lead to more thankfulness (seeing His power demonstrated in our lives).

Help my words today express grace!

Words dictate the direction of our days.  

Our words will cause a blessed or troubled day. If we develop word awareness to enter, participate, and leave conversations with a hopeful focus, we will seldom say, “I’ve had a miserable day.”

There isn’t a better day than Valentine’s Day to begin developing your personal “ordered words” with God. If you are not a wordsmith, I won’t be bothered if you plagiarize and use my words – because it’s important that you develop words that are meaningful and joy-filled to start the day with God.

Words that aren’t dumped into a waste can, along with your Valentine’s cards.

Repetition with “ordered” words helps us focus and remember our personal relationship with God each morning.

And, since this Interruption arrives by email at 6 a.m., it’s not too late to get the Valentine’s card you forgot.

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