My First Day In Heaven

If we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience (Romans 8:25, ESV).

My first day in heaven will be busy.

There will be a joyous reunion with my parents and I will look for pastor friends who passed before me – with huge hugs all around. (I realize that one of my burdens in heaven will be enduring hugs!)

Many friends will be waiting for me, perhaps a big line. 

Adding peace to the occasion, I will see those I offended or offended me, and we all will extend grace and forgiveness.

Then we will have a feast.

After dinner, with my new body, I will practice heaven’s transportation system … I think, and there I am. To the top of Mt. Everest, then to check out the rings of Saturn, and I want to see a black hole.

After my brief tour of the universe, with a bag of popcorn, I will watch a few historic events. Since all is “now” in heaven, with no past or present, I can watch creation, the Red Sea parted, and the resurrection.

I’m inviting Jesus to come with me on the first day. 

While we talk to my friends, check out the universe, and watch heaven’s permanent viewpoint of history, I will ask lots of questions. I have 1302 questions on my list to be asked on my first day.

Jesus will answer them all!

After my reunion with family and friends, seeing the universe, enjoying the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, checking out historical events, and asking 1302 questions, it will be time for worship.


There is no better sanctuary than heaven.  

The sea of glass on the floor, a rainbow surrounding the stage, and the Father’s throne are incomparable. Millions of angels and believers will be singing in harmony and in tune – including me (a great miracle).

I’m going to learn to play the guitar after the worship service and ask to be the lead guitarist at a worship service. Move over Phil Wickham and Phil Keaggy, as Pastor Grant is in the house.

All of this on my first day.  

I have even greater plans for the next morning. Wait!  There is no day or evening or sleeping in heaven – so I don’t have to stop. Fantastic, since I have another 1406 questions to ask.

But all the above will be overshadowed by one thing.

In heaven, I will see God’s eternal purpose for me. I saw glimpses on earth, but it will be fully revealed in heaven.  

Food and feasts without calories, unlimited endurance, no injuries, and an intellectual capacity millions of times greater than on earth – all great, but like too much cotton candy at the fair of one’s youth, great experiences become shallow without meaning.

In yesterday’s Interruption, I said that I would write about the best day in history. I could have chosen creation or the resurrection of Jesus, but I’ve picked my first day in heaven. 


God’s purposes will be known, we will know as we have been known, and there will be no tears.

Quickly come, Lord Jesus!

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  1. You won’t have any burdens in Heaven- hahaha! But I will be in line to give you a hug!! And I will want to introduce you to my former great pastors!! But, I realize, you will probably already “know” them!!

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