Ode To Skilled Craftsmen!

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Look, I have specifically chosen Bezalel son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. I have filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts. He is a master craftsman (Exodus 31:1-4, NLT).

When the time came to make the Tabernacle for the Israelites who were wandering around in the wilderness, God raised up Bezalel. 

Moses, who wrote the book of Exodus under the inspiration of God’s Spirit, said . . . 

He is a master craftsman!

I’ve never needed a tabernacle, but one recent evening, with the temperatures soaring past what the Israelites were experiencing in their desert, our air conditioning stopped working. 

The next day Benito showed up.  

My imagination goes wild in these situations. I thought that I would need to buy a new furnace and air conditioning system and pay for it by reducing my budget and not purchasing food for my wife’s cat anymore.

Benito opened my heating and A/C unit (yes, I was looking over his shoulder), pulled a plug, put a hose in a drain, turned on some compressed air, cleaned something out, and the A/C turned on.

Wow, both my wife’s cat and I were glad. I’m nominating Benito for craftsman of all human history – over Bezalel of Tabernacle fame.

A skilled craftsman, who can find these days?

Not too long ago, the drainage pipe for my sump pump broke. I had continuously pumped water all over my backyard for a few days, creating a muddy and yucky mess.

I called Larry Michelle. I know — an odd name. They’re a guy/girl handyman team . . . or is it a handyperson team? I don’t know their last name, so I just call them Larry Michelle. 

I called their number and said, “Larry Michelle, there’s water and gunk all over my backyard. I need help.”

I went to work, figuring I didn’t need to stand in the muck to oversee their work!! When I came home, the old pipe was dug up and replaced by a new pipe, and my lawn was drying out.

Skilled craftspeople — almost non-existent these days? 

Please note there is a strong possibility that I’m disguising names in this Interruption because I don’t want you to know their identities, and thus they get too busy for my next emergency!

Yes, with household projects, Spring cleaning, hot weather, yards, gardens, and projects too long on our “to-do” lists, we all need skilled craftsmen.

In Exodus 31, God says that He gifted Bezalel to be an expert with gold, silver, and bronze. Bezalel was also skilled with engraving, mounting gemstones, and carving wood — a master in every craft.

I haven’t needed to engrave gold recently, but I did need the Ob. You pronounce “Ob” with a long “o” followed by just a regular “b” sound. Repeat after me, “Ob!”  

Yes, you now can pronounce his name, but I’m not giving you his mobile number.

I needed Ob because when I turned on my porch ceiling fans, they started turning in the wrong direction. To be precise, one rotated in this direction, and the other rotated in that direction.

It looked odd . . . and it limited airflow. I called the Ob! He told me not to even consider watching him work, so I went inside to write this Interruption. Before I could get my 600 words written, my ceiling fans were both swirling in the same direction.

Yes, we all need good craftsmen. When you find one, send me the name and mobile number!

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