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Grant is the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church of Springfield, Ohio. In January 1972 Grant, the founding pastor of Fellowship, was a 19 year old hippie and a new follower of Jesus. After a year of hitchhiking and drug abuse, Grant made his way back to Springfield, Ohio, where he shared his testimony with over 16 of his teenage friends and saw many of them commit their lives to Jesus. Left with a group of newly converted, scraggly, nonconformists, Grant and others established a new youth ministry called "The One Way House," a ministry that would later become Fellowship. Grant went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Cincinnati Christian College. Grant is also the founder of First Steps, a discipleship ministry that trains church leaders and members in foundational discipleship. First Steps is being used in numerous churches across the US along with churches in Russia, the Philippines, and other countries. Grant has been married to his wife, Barbara since 1977 and they have three grown children, three adorable grandsons, and a granddaughter. Grant is the author of several books: Swimming Lessons, a book about Discipleship, Passing the Baton, a children's book on discipleship, First Steps, a discipleship manual, and his latest; Leaper, Spanner, Paver-Three words that transform leadership and build teams that succeed.
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Три правила долгосрочного лидерства

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Когда я говорю о лидерстве, я всегда думаю: «следуйте тому, что я говорю, а не тому, что я делаю». Я пытаюсь, терплю неудачи, и Бог прощает меня. Послание к Евреям 13:7 объясняет, как научиться лидерству: «Поминайте наставников ваших, которые проповедовали вам слово Божие, и, взирая на кончину их жизни, подражайте вере их».  Я научился лидерству, наблюдая [...]

Do Not Miss the Secret of Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the key to happiness. You cannot be at peace if you aren't thankful. I have found that “being thankful” is a discipline. You can become a better dancer, a better student, master fixing your car (harder than becoming a nuclear physicist in my experience), and you can become thankful. The key to becoming thankful [...]

Опасность: Дорога Закрыта!

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«Будем держаться исповедания упования неуклонно, ибо верен Обещавший. Будем внимательны друг ко другу, поощряя к любви и добрым делам. Не будем оставлять собрания своего, как есть у некоторых обычай; но будем увещевать друг друга, и тем более, чем более усматриваете приближение дня оного» - Евреям 10: 23-25 Рассмотрим такой сценарий: вы едете по проселочной дороге, извиваясь и поворачивая машину, вверх и вниз, впереди [...]

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