Guide Your Child
to Follow Jesus
Church/Parent Experience

Don't leave discipling children to chance. Give the children in your life the basics they must know to become lifelong Christ-followers.

But what do parents do? What do they say? Where does a parent start?

START HERE. These ten 45-minute, do-them-at-home sessions cement elementary age children into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Included are …

  • Step-by-step directions so parents know exactly what to say and do. And sessions aren’t just based on talking—there are also fun activities and do-them-together games!
  • Scrapbook pages that help parents document their child’s faith milestones! This book becomes a treasured reminder of a family faith adventure.
  • Fun extras! From move suggestions to activity pages to games, parents are ready to reinforce the week’s lesson—all week long.

Note:  Please purchase a baton for each child along with the book. Parents will put prayers for their child inside the baton. These will become a keepsake for the child  after the program is finished.

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First Steps Conversations for one-to-one discipleship

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