Increasing Effectiveness In Prayer

The effective prayer of the righteous accomplishes many things (James 5:16 OGV).

I want to be more effective in praying. I believe all of us do.


Along with wanting to be more effective, all of us would also admit to ineffectiveness.  

What can we do? Three things.

First:  Practice!

Effectiveness comes through training and practice.  

God has designed everything about us to be strengthened by repetition. Running, weightlifting, and studying – increase by practicing. Even relationships have traditions (repetitions) that enable love to grow.

Same time and same place. The most important prayer lesson to be learned.

Second:  Hear God’s voice!

I know my wife’s voice when she calls, but you wouldn’t.  

Realize that God’s voice sounds different to each follower. We can learn how others hear God, but the voice will be unique for us. It’s easy because God always speaks. Listening is about eliminating the other voices that demand our attention.

By hearing God’s voice, prayer turns from ritual and discipline to enjoy a friendship with God. We want to pray more and more.

Third:  Follow the Father.

Jesus said in John 15 that He only did what He saw the Father doing. We should follow this example.

When our prayers align with what the Father is doing, we have power to accomplish God’s will. God created us to help with what He is doing. There is no greater joy than God working through us.

Effective praying can be assessed by answers. Many answers = effective prayers; no answers = ineffective prayers.

Practice, hear and follow.

Soon, the lame walk, the captives are set free, and the lost saved – through our prayers.

Now, about that mountain in your life?

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