Let’s Try Patience This Week

To those who, by patience, perseverance, and endurance in doing good, seek for glory and honor and immortality – eternal life (Romans 2:7, OGV).

I studied the Greek word for “patience” recently. In the Greek, it is two words and literally means “under” (hypo) and “remain” (mone).  

I’m sure those speaking Greek in the New Testament era knew exactly the meaning of the word hypomone. It gives the image of remaining steadfast or standing firm under pressure.

But do we understand patience?

In various English translations, the Greek word hypomone is translated “patience” or “perseverance” or “endurance.” In my OGV translation of Romans 2:7 above, I couldn’t decide which word was best, so I used all three.

Let me now take time to confess – I’m not good at patience, perseverance, or endurance!

How about you?

Paul again writes about hypomone in Romans 8 . . . 

But if we hope for what we do not see, with patience, perseverance, and endurance, we eagerly wait for it (Romans 8:25, OGV).

Again, I don’t specialize in waiting for anything, let alone being patient, persevering, and enduring about it.

How about you?

How bad am I with hypomone?

  • At a buffet, I often start with dessert, as there is nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie as an appetizer for a nice filet mignon!  
  • I still expect God to answer many of my prayers right now. I keep forgetting the timing of God’s perfect will. 
  • I want others to quickly become what I think they should be. And to be honest, this has never worked . . . but I keep trying. Sort of like patience, persevering, and enduring in a bad way.

How about you?

This is how I’m going to try patience this week . . . 

First, I’m going to ask God for help. Galatians 5:22 lists hypomone (patience, perseverance, and endurance) as a fruit of the Spirit. It originates from God’s Spirit. 

Whew, nice to know that I can ask God for hypomone.

Second, I’m going to ask my wife to point out instances when I’m not being hypomone. Then I’m going to be patient, persevering, and enduring when she does!

Third, I will check my “peace level” before I go to sleep each night. I’m going to ask God to reveal any root cause of my non-hypomone (note: new Greek word that I just invented meaning “no” patience, perseverance, or endurance.)

I know God wants me to have peace through His presence and power.

This week, I’m doing three things to improve my hypomone.

How about you?

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