Systematic Theology And The Holy Kiss

But as for you, Titus, teach what accords with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1, ESV).

The word “theology” comes from two Greek words, “theos” or God and “logos” or word. Theology is simply defined as words about God.

Amen. We need to discuss God — His thoughts, His ways, and His plans for us, especially in these last days when Scripture warns us that . . . 

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires (2 Timothy 4:3, NASB1995).

When pastors, Christian authors, and Bible scholars discuss doctrine, often the phrase “systematic theology” is used. Systematic theology (this is the OG explanation) means to examine the entire Bible about a particular topic before reaching a conclusion.

An understanding of what the whole Bible teaches on various doctrines keeps us from erroneous theology. For instance, the New Testament tells us five times that we should greet one another with a holy kiss.  

I’m determined to avoid this practice!!! Am I being unbiblical? What would post-COVID churches think of a revival of this doctrine?

Systematic thinking about the Bible allows us to know the context underlying the actual kiss, keeping the principles of kindness and hospitality while forgoing the first-century cultural expression of greeting by kissing.

Let’s all shout, “Amen!”

Systematic theology is far more expansive than a holy kiss, though. It examines major themes in the Bible and then considers what the entire Bible teaches about these topics. 

One of the most influential books on Systematic Theology was written by Charles Hodge in the latter 1800s. It’s a massive work of three volumes and almost 2,000 pages. This book is available on Kindle for a mere $3.99.

I tried reading Hodge’s book while in seminary and found it to be a wonderful sleep aid. 

Hodge’s book has four divisions:  Theology, Anthropology, Soteriology, and Eschatology. I know, big words, but their definitions are easy. I’ve already mentioned theology as words about God and following this pattern:  Anthros (man) or words about people; Soteria (salvation) or words about salvation; and Eschaton (last things) or words about the end times.

Theology, Anthropology, Soteriology, and Eschatology – now that we understand these definitions, we just need to learn to say the following sentence quickly, and people will consider us as Bible scholars.

Systematic Theology is a comprehensive Biblical examination of theology, anthropology, soteriology, and eschatology!

Today, many false teachers view the Bible as archaic and promoting outdated Western ideas of imperial colonialism. They repeat the latest cultural gobbly-gook taught in some seminaries and completely miss a relationship with the living Logos.

Studying the Bible systematically, we find a loving God who created us in His image, forgave us by sending His son Jesus, and by our faith saves us to reign with Him in eternity.

Let’s be Biblical Systematic Theologians.  

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