Presence of Peace, Power, and Provision

There is a sentence in Philippians 4 that contains one of the most important teachings in the entire Bible.

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

God isn’t traveling in another country, He isn’t offline, and He doesn’t dwell on the east or west coasts of the U.S.A. while avoiding the “flyover” states. God is with us right now! Wherever you are . . . 

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

This verse is in Philippians chapter four. There are also three great promises in this chapter:  peace (v. 7), power (v. 13), and provision (v. 19). I’ve read Philippians over and over and been so excited about God’s promises of peace, power, and provision — that I’ve overlooked the simple sentence in chapter four . . . 

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

I’ve heard many sermons on God’s big three promises (peace, power, provision). In fact, one of my favorite messages that I preach focuses on the promises of Philippians 4:7, 13, and 19. And yet, only recently has this sentence stood out to me . . . 

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

In my enthusiasm for God’s peace, power, and provision, I’ve overlooked that the ultimate way to walk in these promises is the realization and practice of this principle . . .

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

Repent, Pastor Grant! Repent!!!

How about you? Have you noticed from Philippians 4 that the Lord is near? Do you realize that the promises of peace, power, and provision rely on a lifestyle of practicing the presence of God?  

Probably you, the great scholars of Christianity and practitioners of the faith who read Interruptions, already know this secret. But for me, this lesson has been recently adopted into my spirit . . . 

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

This sentence, stuck in the middle of the triple P promises, was enlightening. I now have a renewed focus on seeking God’s presence, where I will find everything that I need. And fortunately, I don’t have to look far because . . . 

The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

Are we aware of His presence? Or do we get up, go to work, experience hassles, feel inadequate, need money, and then wake up at 3 a.m. with our thoughts spinning in anxiety?

I confess that I get distracted during the day, and I’m now praying that God would make the God moments in my life obvious. I’m asking God to interrupt my days by tapping me on the shoulder.  

I want Him to say, “Hey, Grant, I’m near!”

Brother Lawrence writes a book entitled The Practice of the Presence of God, and in this book, he describes what happens when God is near.

We become so accustomed to God’s divine presence that we rely on it for help on all occasions. Our soul becomes filled with a constant inner joy that is sometimes so overwhelming that we feel compelled to do what may seem to others as childish things.

What is the symptom of God’s presence? We develop childlike joy and faith! Amen, let’s remember . . . 

 The Lord is near! (Philippians 4:5, NASB1995)

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