Let’s Try Being Meek This Week

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5, NIV).

The word in the Greek translated “meek” in the New International Version of the Bible, is also translated as “gentle,” “humble,” and “lowly” in other versions.

It’s difficult to translate the Greek word for “meek” into English in a single word. The most accurate translation for “meek” would need a phrase saying, “Exercising God’s strength while under His control.”  

With Greek words often needing a sentence to translate accurately, our Bibles would increase exponentially in size and weight if we translated by phases instead of words, so we are stuck with . . .

Meek, gentle, humble, and lowly.

I’ve listened to believers say, “If you pray for humility, watch out.” I’ve never asked this prayer because I already get plenty of opportunities each week for self-humiliation. But when we understand what meek, gentle, humble, and lowly actually mean, our prayer should be . . . 

God, give me the ability to use Your power in a godly manner and with Your leading!

Now, knowing the correct translation of meek, gentle, humble, and lowly — our prayers should change significantly.

What are your prayer requests? Do you pray from the perspective of God’s power under His control?

Our prayers for meekness and humility can change the world!

While writing this Interruption on a Saturday morning, I interrupted my writing for a mentoring session with a man who is discipling a new believer. We use First Steps Conversations for disciplemaking, and the content of this book teaches believers to pray “humble” but bold and specific prayers.

My “mentored discipler” gave this testimony from the disciple that he is discipling . . . 

I asked my disciple about his specific requests to God. He told me that because of his previous life decisions, his finances were in ruins. So, he had prayed for God’s financial provision. My disciple then said that God had worked a miracle, and not only was he able to right his finances, but he also had enough money to start a college fund for his children.


I can only say amen to prayers that are meek, gentle, humble, and lowly.

God in heaven waits for us to ask such prayers. Below is the best “meek” passage in the Bible.

Jesus says, “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” (John 14:14, NLT).

Let’s ask big, bold, specific, and lowly prayers!

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