The Ignored Command Of Jesus — And The Consequences

[Note: The Sermon on the Mount, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the upcoming 1000th Interruption! We are making history.]

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19).

If Jesus is our Lord and Savior, then we should obey His commands. Recent surveys indicate that only five percent of American churches have a reproducible disciple-making culture.

The Great Commission to go and make disciples is not being followed. Let’s get personal . . . are you discipling someone? If not, then you are not obeying the last command of Jesus.  

And yet, most believers don’t seem to be bothered about this fact.

How about you?

When we don’t follow a command of Jesus, there is a price to be paid. It’s like the command of gravity; if the laws of nature say “don’t jump off a building,” and we believe ourselves to be above the law and jump . . .

Well . . . SPLAT!!!

What happens when an astonishing number of proclaimed followers do not follow a great command of Jesus? We should expect some sort of splat.

Revolutions have been studied, finding that it takes 3.5 percent of the population of a country to alter the course and culture of that country. A recent article in Inc. Magazine reported that 10 years ago, those who identify with LGBTQ ideology stood at 3.5 percent, and now, just ten years later, the number is 7.1 percent.

According to the 3.5-percent-of-population rule for cultural revolution, we have reached the tipping point in our country. Many followers of Jesus (conservative) are amazed at how quickly things are changing.

The solution is not new laws, becoming more right in our political affiliation, or judging those who disagree with us. We should expect a big splat in our nation because we haven’t followed the command of Jesus to go and make disciples.

If the church had pursued disciple-making instead of large buildings, attractional programs, and leaving truth doctrines, an LGBTQ revolution would be impossible.

What can we do? Let’s start a counter-revolution. 


It’s simple — begin disciple-making. Let’s not criticize church leaders because the command to go and make disciples has been given to all of us. The good news is that the 3.5-percent rule of culture change works both ways – for ungodliness and godliness.  

Jesus says that we should pray for workers to be sent into the harvest (Luke 10:2). That’s our prayer, but let’s set the example . . . 

Disciple-making begins with you and me.

(Note: Discipling Another has information about disciple-making.)

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