Wounds Of A Friend

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Faithful are the wounds of a friend.  Proverbs 27:6 Honesty is the most difficult part of friendship. It feels like a wound. If your friend is doing something dishonest, unethical, or immoral, you have an obligation as a friend to say something. We often refrain because this honesty will put the friendship in jeopardy. The moment [...]

When Your Friend Offends You

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I remember two friends who were inseparable. Having not seen either for a while, I encountered one and asked, "How is ____?" His response: "We haven’t seen one another in a while." I paused and asked, "You two were close, what happened?" He told me in exacting detail how his friend had offended him. He concluded [...]

Do You Have a Great Friend?

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Paul had a great friend in Dr. Luke. On the Apostle Paul's first mission trip he could have contracted malaria. After leaving Cyprus, he traveled through Pamphylia, an area of lowlands known for malarial infestation. Acts 15 records that “they” (Paul and his companions) traveled quickly through Pamphylia and came to the highlands of Galatia where [...]

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