400,000 Mistakes in the Bible?

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A noted scholar wrote in a book (other noted scholars have said the same) that the New Testament manuscripts, copied by hand before the printing press, have 400,000 variations (mistakes in the copying) made by the scribes. Uh oh, can we trust the Bible that we read today in English? Or is that noted scholar an [...]

Reading the Bible to Feel Better!

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I feel better; that is why I read the Bible. I took drugs in my teens and became confused and almost addicted. I exercise regularly and always feel great after the workout. But when I read the Bible, my perspective of life lifts. The Bible predicts in the end-times our culture will lose the ability to [...]

7 Chapters for 2021

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Happy New Year! James writes… Receive the word implanted, which is able to save your soul. -- James 1:21 Three words from this verse help us understand the power of God's word. First, "implanted" can be translated "grafted" or "sown to germinate."  Second: "save" always indicates total healing of mind, will, and emotion. Third: "receive" can [...]

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