God Isn’t Safe

Saints …

God isn’t safe and I don’t think that I want Him to be.

I heard a person say, “God is my safe place.”  I understand that this person needed comfort and God comforts. We all need shelter in a time of difficulty.

God isn’t safe.  The same God who portrayed Himself as a shepherd will soon return as a mighty warrior. The same God who forgives also speaks truth. 

When I pray and ask forgiveness, God often tells me to go and ask forgiveness of someone else!

God isn’t safe but He is loving and truthful.  He allows your bad decisions and when you repent, He picks up the pieces.

That’s the difference between the God of the Bible and the God of Safety. The God of Safety is a God of Accepting you as you are.  The God of the Bible is a God of His Dying for your Repentance and Forgiveness and Healing through change.

God does not keep you safe if you decide to follow your desires to prurient and addictive actions. Storing treasures on earth will not yield hope and peace in tragedy.

The God of Safety is a fictional creation of our self-serving interests. We a safe harbor in God, when we arrive empty handed asking forgiveness.

I challenge you against a return to normal.  Do not desire a return to normal.  The normal of the American culture or any other culture in the world is not righteous.

Cycles of blessing, evil, trial, and repentance describe God’s people in the Old Testament.  Our current difficulty will be less and overcome by repentant prayers.

Okay … enough of conviction.  Let’s turn to one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

Hebrews 10 is a contrast chapter of God’s judgement and mercy– about breaking cycles of sin to find peace.

This chapter teaches peace, comfort, judgement, confidence and hope. Severe for those who want normal and powerful for those wanting change. (Please note: this is the OGV ‘Old Guy’s Version’ or my translation)

Hebrews 10 …

The cycles of sin and sacrifice in the Old Testament were a shadow of God’s intentions for us today. Christ did away with your confidence in your good works to establish the obedience that God wants.

You are now set apart as complete and holy because Jesus sacrificed Himself for you. God now says, “I will no longer hold your sins against you.” Because your sins were forgiven in Christ, you do not need to work to be good enough.

But if you go on sinning after learning the truth, the sacrifice for your sins is worthless.  Guilt and shame will return. You will face a terrifying judgement of raging fire. 

Do not continue to be an enemy of God.  Falling into the hands of the living God is a terrifying thing. Turn back to God, if you sin, turn back to God; when you sin again, turn back to God again.  The sacrifice of Jesus is for all of your sins — past, present, and future.

Truly knowing the love of Jesus changes you!

Remember when you first learned the truth of the sacrifice of Jesus. You were willing to endure hardship.  You were willing to be a prisoner for Jesus and have all your possessions taken away. You knew that you have a better and more permanent possession now and in the future.

So don’t lose confidence. It will bring you a great reward.  Ask for endurance so that you will change, deep change, to obey God. You will then walk in the freedom and promises of God.

Your faith will bring healing and salvation for you and you will be used to help others.

Jesus is coming soon. He will not delay.