Does Evolution Explain Pastor Grant?

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14, ESV).

I constantly hear or read statements that imply… something living came into existence through evolution.

The sophisticated might describe evolution as a blind process of the living, plus time keeping or throwing out good or bad traits, and after billions of years it culminates in Pastor Grant typing on his keyboard telling all of you that evolution is bunk…

Or senseless and unscientific.

Let me introduce Michael Behe. I have read two of his books, one titled Darwin’s Black Box, written in 1996, and Darwin Devolves, written in 2019.

I won’t spend blog space discussing Michael Behe’s credentials, but they are impressive. Behe is a biochemist who has spent a career studying a topic that Charles Darwin (the guy who started unscientific evolution) knew little about…

Molecules and DNA!

Behe concludes in both of his books that evolution must begin with changes in DNA. He points out that a correct understanding of DNA and molecular structure from today’s science does not support natural selection. 

So, sliming Pastor Grant isn’t a viable option. Wow, my self-image just improved. (However, some studies are still inconclusive about you!)

Charles Darwin had some inkling of cells and their importance in natural selection. Below is Darwin’s idea of how evolution worked in cells (From Wikipedia and you won’t believe his thought unless you look it up).

He proposed that each part of the body continually emitted its own type of small organic particles called gemmules that aggregated in the gonads, contributing heritable information to the gametes.

Not only is evolution by Darwin’s thinking completely misogynistic – it is also stupid!

Since the technology to study cells by observation, testing, and experimenting is a recent invention, Michael Behe writes… 

Up until quite recently speculations on the topic of evolution by even the brightest minds were of no more account than were guesses about Earth’s place in the universe before the invention of the telescope. So forget what you’ve heard about how evolution happened. Only now do we have sufficient data to understand the causes of evolution.

Michael Behe makes two points…

First, in Black Box, Behe writes that the mechanics and processes of a cell are irreducibly complex. Recent studies have shown that cells, far from being simple, are as complicated as anything else found in the universe.

This is observable today. So much for the simple to the complex foundation of evolution.

Second, in Darwin Devolves, Michael Behe shows that changes between animals of the same species are caused by genes that degrade and that these cells do not naturally select to something better. 

The color of fur from brown to white in bears is devolutionary, not evolutionary. The polar bear degraded genes inherited from its ancestors – genes that were already there! 

The same thing happened with my hair, from brown to white at age 35.

This is observable today. So much for the idea of improvement of species through natural selection.

As Behe writes…

When one starts to treat Darwinism as a hypothesis about the biochemical level of life rather than as an assumption, it takes about ten minutes to conclude it’s radically inadequate.

Wow, an unbiased scientist needs only 10 minutes to disprove evolution from research in biochemistry.

Only 10 minutes!

All the evidence points to the fact that Pastor Grant is fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Oh, doubters, please repent.