To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

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I think that you should get the COVID-19 vaccine; I do not think that you should get the COVID-19 vaccine. As a former pastor, I get to agree with everyone and disagree with everyone. You can't leave my church because I don't pastor a church. With this Interruption, I can offend everyone or no one. If [...]

COVID Addle (Merimna)

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After having COVID, through my isolation, I’m resuming my life. I had a mild case - thank you for your prayers. I've been reading/listening that a sizable percentage of those with COVID are diagnosed afterwards with “mental illness” - that's the phrase that I've been hearing. I have been discouraged too. I describe it as a [...]

COVID and Temptation

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Today is my last day of isolation after being diagnosed with COVID. I'm well by God's grace and your prayers! With lots of time to read, write, think, and do some work around the house, I've been thinking about freedom in Christ and its relationship to COVID. What else does a pastor think about during the [...]

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