Quarantine Dreams


I’ve been having dreams recently — a different type — some black and white and some in 4K.  I’ve had frightening and peaceful dreams on alternate nights.

Talking with some of you, you are having dreams too.  I think it God’s Spirit.

God speaks through dreams.  Peter says that in the last days old men will dream dreams (I qualify).  All of us can see visions and they can come at night too.

God gave directions through dreams — Jacob’s ladder, Paul saw a Macedonian in a dream and ended up in Philippi (probably his best mission location), the author of the Book of Hebrews opens with a statement that God has spoken in dreams and visions.

Through the years, I’ve been asked what a dream means, is it of God, or does God speak through dreams today.

Starting with the proposition that God does speak in dreams, below are guidelines that I use in discerning dreams.

  1. God dreams are different.  You wake up and remember them! Get up immediately and write them down.
  2. Prophecy speaks to comfort, encouragement, and edification — be careful with weird, frightening or strange dreams!  They are often a result of eating too much pizza the night before.  I find that ‘God dreams’ comfort, encourage, and edify — most of the time.
  3. If a problematic dream occurs, ask for the dream to be repeated.  Sometimes it is best to write it down and ask a friend or a pastor.  James 1 teaches to ask in faith for wisdom. This applies to dreams.
  4. Dreams given by God often confirm what you already know or have learned.  Dreams adjust an existent life calling to give new direction.
  5. There are Daniel dreams … read the entire Book of Daniel.  Daniel dreamed imagery that is being played out today in history.  There are some who have a gift of dreams that see history unfold. If you are one of those dreamers — God bless you — you are much needed today.
  6. Pray for peace!  Often our dreams are a result of anxiety.  Cast your anxieties upon the Lord before you go to bed.
  7. Sleep in the care of God. Psalm 63 indicates a type of sleep while thinking of God throughout the night.  I pray that I dream of God. My dreams don’t have to be revelation, just His presence! I wake up refreshed.

Years back,  I had a dream of going to a large island to teach First Steps Discipleship.  I also dreamed my starting point as a bunch of islands. Several years later someone asked me to travel with him to Cuba.  Since no flight existed from the United States to Cuba, we traveled through the Bahamas.

My dream fulfilled … many islands (Bahamas) to one big island (Cuba).  I may not have gone to Cuba if it wasn’t for the dream.

Many of you are dreaming dreams or will start dreaming dreams, God’s Spirit is moving!

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