Together Again

Will you go to a church building when it re-opens?

I try to listen more than talk these days (see yesterday’s Interruption #75).  What have I heard? Statements like the following:

  • I sort of enjoy being home.
  • I can’t wait to worship with people again.
  • I am concerned because I am high risk.
  • I take care of parents who are high risk.
  • I believe there is something about actually being together that is better than online.
  • I can’t wait to give Grant a hug!

I have my personal list of what I look forward to:

  • The phrases “one another” or “together” are mentioned dozens of times in the New Testament. I haven’t seen or talked to many at church for months. I’m looking forward to seeing you.
  • The church in 2021 will not be like the church in 2019 because of what happened in 2020.  I know that God is changing everything.  God’s latter day church will be powerful and walk in both love and truth. The anointing on leaders and members will be so apparent that even those who antagonize will be silent in the presence of God.
  • Jesus is always relevant and worship is the foundation of this truth.
  • Hugs are now outlawed! (As most know, I have ‘hugaphobia’ and don’t like to hug)

Bible ‘end times’ prophecy is what I call ‘dark/light’ — the prophecies seem foreboding but are actually hope-filled.  These prophecies predict:

  • A sense of powerlessness in culture that releases God’s power through His church.
  • Fear that causes the Gospel of Peace to be preached to all of the world.
  • Nobody knows what to do. Confusion but the revealing of truth in Jesus.
  • A church that has been mired in distraction and materialism embraces the Kingdom of God.

A new chapter begins this weekend at Fellowship. I look forward to seeing you when you feel comfortable coming back.

I admit that sooner or later, I will probably hug someone.

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