An Intercessor: That’s You!

That’s you. You are selected. Your prayers will change history.

I’ve always been fascinated by Daniel.

In first year of King Xerxes reign, while reading scripture, I understood that the Lord wanted to return the nation of Israel to Israel after 70 years of captivity in Babylon. Yes! Just checked my calendar. It has been 70 years. So, I prayed, “Lord, please open the doors for the Israelites to return to Babylon.” – Daniel 9:1-3 (OGV)

Other translations describe Daniel’s prayer as: I pleaded with God in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.

Why Daniel and why not you? Intercession takes ordinary people (you and Daniel) and uses an overwhelming prayer burden (scripturally based) to change history.

I have been practicing intercession for years. I have more unanswered prayers than answered prayers, though I still pray the unanswered ones. (My greatest unanswered ask is for three million dollars to change the world through First Steps discipleship). I pray bold prayers based upon scripture. Since the Great Commission of Jesus challenged all of us to change the world through discipleship, since millions of dollars are pennies to God, why not pray a big prayer about discipleship?

I also pray for God to pour out His Spirit causing an unprecedented world-wide revival. The Apostle Peter talks about God pouring forth His Spirit in the latter days. The Book of James predicts a latter-day rain of revival. In a time of global pandemic, why not ask God to counter with a global revival?

I pray often for world-wide discipleship and world-wide revival.

I ask God to start this revival Springfield, Ohio. Yes, I’m foolish enough to ask God to start a world-shaking revival in Springfield. Since the Jesus Movement revival in the USA in the latter 60’s and early 70’s broke out spontaneously all over America, why not pray for revival, for discipleship, to break out in your city?

Let’s pray for discipleship and revival in cities all over the world. Big prayers, bold payers, almost ridiculous prayers. Let’s add one more request – let’s ask for miracles. Miracles fast and furious. Healings, provision, protection, weather changing, and all in such abundance that they seem commonplace.

Our prayer:  Almighty God, change the world, beginning in Springfield, Ohio (add your city), by having your followers disciple throughout the world, in a world-wide spontaneous revival, that will have more miracles than recorded in the Gospels and the Book of Acts.

I am willing to pray and not receive because I believe it is better to try to intercede and fail than to not intercede at all!

God, increase our faith! Raise up the Daniel intercessors.

You are selected! On heaven’s all-star list of great intercessors – Daniel, Pastor Grant, You!

A final confession – I still struggle with Daniel’s sackcloth and ashes.

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