Five Insights to Understanding Dreams

Dreams will increase in the last days.

The Prophet Joel writes: “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” – Joel 2:28-30

Please note that Joel places the context as, “before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” – Joel 2:31

Peter carefully repeats Joel’s prophecy in Acts 2 but adds, “In the last days, God says…”. 

Joel’s “day of the Lord” and Peter’s “last days”. Dreams for the “last days” in Peter’s sermon, meant from the Day of Pentecost till the return of the Lord. Joel’s “day of the Lord” indicates an intensification of dreams right before the second coming of Jesus.

Be prepared for an onslaught of dreams and visions. I have heard reports lately of both young men and old men and yes, young sisters and older sisters, having dreams for the first time.

Below are five insights that will help you understand your dreams:

  1. Write them down in the morning. I don’t worry about writing them at night. Every “God speaking” dream of mine has been so dramatic that I remembered it in the morning. This is an indicator of the dream being from God – you remember it in the morning. Some dreams are so stunning that they create anxiety for days.
  2. Often affirmed by angels, or a vision of Jesus, or dramatic circumstances. I had a dream once about our church moving our building from the inner city to the suburbs, and I remembered it because my bed was shaken so harshly that it woke me up.
  3. Ask for the dream to be clarified. You can ask anything of your Father. It is not unholy when something happens “in the Spirit” that is confusing. Ask what it means. Sometimes in scripture, the answer or explanation is just as difficult to understand as the original dream. But still ask, and then talk to Jesus face-to-face about it in heaven!
  4. Prophetic layering.Dreams almost always have three meanings. First, to you now! Second, to others now! Third, to you and others later! Understanding will often come into focus as an event happens. The Gospels mention when prophecies were fulfilled in the life of Jesus (see Matthew 27:9-10).  Sometimes you don’t understand the prophecy until you see it.
  5. Relax!! If you aren’t sure God has spoken to you through a dream, ask Him for clarification, and further confirmation. I love Gideon’s encounter with God, “Okay, God, here is a fleece. I’m laying it on the ground. If the fleece is wet and the ground dry, I will know it is you.” And then the next night, “Okay, God, to be sure, tonight let the fleece be dry and the ground wet.” (Judges 6)

It’s the last days and it’s closer to the great and terrible day of the Lord than ever before. Ask the Lord to give you a dream tonight. Ask in faith!

Remember that the Lord wants to talk to you more than you really want to listen. The honesty of God’s conversation is difficult to hear and obey. That’s why He uses dreams. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for His dreams and visions. Often the dream will give you a task that confronts your fear.

The Prophet Joel does say: “Great and terrible day of the Lord.”  Not so terrible for those who listen and obey.

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