Boom! I’m not talking about the fireworks blasting away most of last night. Or the night before, and especially tonight.

Boom! I’m talking about celebration. This is Interruption #100! I admit that I lose count from time to time and put out the wrong number on the Interruptions, but according to my accountant – this is #100 – Boom!

I need your help! I will share how at the end.

My wife and I led a trip to Israel at the beginning of March. Having my devotions on the Sea of Galilee, I felt the Lord telling me to write. When we returned from Israel we were in quarantine; I couldn’t meet with my staff, so I wrote the first few Interruptions to encourage them.

Then I added elders, friends, and people who asked to be included. I have not promoted the Interruptions. I let them live or die as to whether I have something to write in the morning. Also, if they are read.

About 150 now get the Interruptions each morning. (Send names to if you would like to add names.) The Interruptions are translated into Russian each morning. About 600 church leaders in Russia have signed up for them with about 10 to 20 new additions each day.

I need your help! Keep reading till the end.

Each morning, I get up and write. I call it writing “raw” since I just write; I don’t plan what I write. An idea comes to mind, I write. The ideas develop as I write. It is writing in tongues. I’m not sure what I’m going to say until I write. I let you do the interpretation as to relevance.

You will find editing mistakes, as my mind, after reading what I thought I wrote, sees only what I thought that I wrote, missing the mistakes. The grammar issues with punctuation, dangling infinitives, and sentence fragments are by design…sometimes. I write for emphasis. I also flunked English in the seventh grade. Pray for me as I have an unresolved inner conflict with proper punctuation.

I love your comments. They have been encouraging. I even enjoy the snarky ones. I need your help. Please read till the end!

My goal with Interruptions is to provide scriptural context and explanation. The past 100 days have been the most unusual 100 days ever for followers of Jesus. I write concise but not contrite, to give Biblical context for considering what God is doing in culture, your life, and with the church.

I want to inform and encourage. I talk about my life and share my personalized translations of the Bible (OGV). I learn as I write. Yep, I write something about the Bible, and think, “I didn’t know that before.” I look it up and its true. I’m not sure how this happens.

I get a lot of comments when I mention my wife’s cat, Anya. She is becoming an international superstar, which is not my intent. I don’t have to worry about her becoming proud because her two brain cells can’t summon the thought resources for pomposity.

Okay, I need your help. I’ve been banned from Facebook. The phrase they use is “contains content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” With all of the unbelievable events recently, add this one…Pastor Grant banned!

Would you get on my website and try to forward an Interruption to Facebook? When it gives you the banner of my content being objectionable, there is a place where you can object. If lots of “you” send in objections to their objection, it stimulates the two brain cells of their algorithms to trigger the matter going to an actual human.

I just hope this person doesn’t like cats. I think my description of Anya having “two brain cells” is the only thing that anyone could find objectionable. (Note: At least up until this week, Facebook was giving you an area to respond – once – and then they  say “abusive”.)

Help! Go to When you get on the page you will see several banners for First Steps, Interruptions, and my book, Leaper, Spanner, Paver.  I have attached a GIF file to this Interruption that will show you how to get on my webpage and go to Interruptions and then to Facebook.

Also, Help! You can still forward to Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. My wife is posting all 100 Interruptions (not finished yet).  You can right click while reading an Interruptions, copy the link, and insert the link in an email to all ten thousand names in your address book.

Thanks. Let’s all unite to get Pastor Grant freed from Facebook purgatory.

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