Sharing the Gospel and Freedom From Drugs

I believe that God can change your life instantly.

I experienced this myself. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on New Year’s Eve 1971/1972 and gave up drugs permanently. I’ve never been tempted to do drugs again.

This past weekend I interviewed George Smith in the “Talk Back” section of our online service (see Fellowship webpage). George said that decades ago he attended church one evening. After committing to follow Jesus, he came home afterwards, went around his house collecting all of his drugs and alcohol, placed them in a cooler, and threw all of it into a dumpster.

He said at that moment, “I looked at the drugs and hated it.”

George and I have never done drugs since. We also have a passion to share the gospel. When I talked to George recently, years after beginning a relationship with Jesus, that moment still brings a smile to his face.

Like it happened yesterday, and he still tells everyone who will listen to his story.

I was baptized at midnight New Year’s Eve 1971/1972 in the Atlantic Ocean. One minute after my baptism, someone walked up to me – on the beach – and asked if I had any drugs. I was able to share Jesus – the most powerful experience ever.

I still love to talk about Jesus.

Paul says to Philemon: “And I pray the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.” (ESV)

Different translations of Philemon 1:6 give varied ideas on interpreting the verse. I would translate the verse: “There is a fellowship with Jesus when you share your faith that gives you power to know and experience all the good things found in Christ.”  (OGV)

I have noted through 48 years of walking with Jesus, that a person who passionately and personally shares the message of peace found only in Jesus, gets delivered and stays delivered.

Are there exceptions to the rule of sharing Jesus and receiving power for freedom? Of course.

In Russia there have been hundreds of churches planted by ex-drug addicts. The addicts go to re-hab houses and learn discipleship and sharing the gospel. One of the leaders of a house outside St. Petersburg told me that only 15% of those that graduate from his re-hab house relapse.

I’ve heard similar stories of drug addicts being set free throughout Russia.

I don’t diminish other types of counseling or treatment plans. I give a testimony to what I experienced, what George experienced, and what I’ve observed in Russia (and in Cuba and Israel).

There is power in the blood of Jesus and those who share their testimony often walk in freedom – more than those who don’t.

John writes in Revelation: “And they overcame the world because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony.”

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