When Eternity Touches Time

That moment for me, for you, and for everyone – when eternity touches time.

The phrase “when eternity touches time” came to me while considering a message for a funeral. A young man had died in an auto accident and I had asked the Lord for words to put the moment in perspective.

When eternity touches time.

We live oblivious to eternity – hour to hour, day to day, month to month, year to year. Then eternity touches time for someone that you know. The reverie is broken. You can’t ignore death or pretend it won’t happen. Someone you know is gone.

When eternity touches time… it will happen for you, too.

What a moment! It is the only moment of your entire life that is important. Your marriage, your graduation, your house, your children, all seem insignificant when eternity touches time.

When eternity touches time… you see the face of God!

You’ve heard that your life flashes before your eyes. Don’t believe it. In a “close moment” that you survive, you may see the events of your life and then wake up! When eternity touches time it’s not a fast forward video recap – you see everything. Eternity takes time away and everything is right now. All that you have done and all that you have thought. All there!

When eternity touches time, nothing can be hidden. You see it, everyone sees it, God sees it. You understand your need for grace in that moment.

The moment will come as time can’t stop eternity. A sickening realization, or a release of joy, as “ready or not” your time has touched eternity. Sometimes the moment is so sudden that you awake in heaven. For others, a lingering draws them closer.

I’ve observed this moment more than most – in a hospital room, at a home, or an emergency room. When eternity slowly touches time, there is:

  • Either a growing solemnity of great peace or increasing irritability. Those with faith, accept, while those without faith challenge the moment.
  • A thin space – you can sense it – as the gap between time and eternity gets smaller.
  • Conviction. I’ve watched the unbeliever, in this moment, become silent. Afterwards, some self-convince that it was nothing, while others have tears and just know!

Eternity touches time. It will happen.

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