Saturday Update

My favorite scripture insight this week… 

Romans 12:10 reads: “Be devoted to one another.”

There were four words used for love in the Greek language at the time the Bible was written: Agape, Eros, Phileo, and Storge.

The word translated “devoted” in the NASB (New American Standard Bible) is phileo/storge combined. The only place this word is found in the New Testament is in Romans 12:10!

Paul uses this word to emphasize how we should treat one another as followers of Jesus. Phileo is brotherly love or friendship and Storge is family love. You may or may not be friends with others in your family. But this word indicates that we are to be friends with our family – the body of Christ!

Interruptions Update:

I write the Interruptions and send them to my phile/storge friend, Sharon Wildman, who edits the Interruptions. Sharon sends them to my agape/eros/phileo/storge wife, Barbara, who adds graphics and uploads to our e-mail sender for a 6 a.m. delivery to your e-mail. My phile/storge friend, Heather Ives, updates our sending list.

Next week I have Zoom meetings to discuss a future Zoom First Steps conference in Russia and another in the Philippines. I will post dates and all of you are welcome to join these conferences.

The Interruptions are posted at, my website that I use to base the content that I develop. You will find information there about First Steps, Interruptions and a leadership book entitled “Leaper, Spanner, Paver”.

Soon there will be a store for books and other materials. I am working on podcasts and vlogs.

Some have asked that Interruptions be placed in a book form – again, soon! What is taking so long? I am one person – also a pastor, and most importantly, a grandfather (prayers needed) – as I continue to develop a team to help.

Leaving comments: Please leave comments on the posts on the website.

Below are comments left on the website for Interruptions:

One in French…

Wow! This might be one of the most useful blogs we’ve ever seen on this topic. In fact, beautiful. 

One in English…

I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your posts to be what precisely I’m looking for.

Prayer Requests:

  • That Jesus would have final and complete victory over the COVID crisis.
  • That the presence of Jesus would bring peace to all of you.
  • That 500 would sign up for Interruptions in the USA. Please forward the Interruptions next week to your friends.
  • Upcoming conferences with First Steps.

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