Scoffing in the Last Days

Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will multiply, consumed by their evil desires.  2 Peter 3:3 (OGV)

Scoffers abound in the last days. Those who speak grace will be light in an age of dark mocking.

Jesus challenged the Pharisees constantly. The religious rulers, convinced of their “being right”, condemned Jesus who did not speak the correct words or live according to their rules.

The Pharisees changed the rules daily. Words defined one day could change the next. They continually had to update the rule book. Any infraction brought judgment.

Jesus did not fit in. He didn’t say or do the right things. Calling the Pharisees “a pit of vipers” didn’t help His situation!

Not able to challenge the truth or the love of Jesus, the Pharisees resorted to scoffing.  Constantly trying to trick Jesus into a word or action not according to their tradition, just a slight infraction or mis-spoken word, and the Pharisees would win.

They never did.

Jesus knew their hearts. He was God, and over and over, after the Pharisees challenged Jesus, they became silent. Their words and actions revealed their own hypocrisy.

How can you successfully accuse someone who answers with a story of a returning prodigal, of a woman forgiven after being caught in adultery, or of a Good Samaritan?

Truth, love, grace, forgiveness – it never ends well scoffing at Jesus. But Jesus did pay a price.

Scoffing abounds today. It grows when truth in love is lost. We have words and actions – cultural norms – that represent unrighteousness more than holiness. Those who don’t learn the definitions, those who don’t walk this changing talk, are crucified.

It happened to Jesus; it happens today.

The question:  Who are the scoffers today? Our inviolate traditions?

“No rules” can be the rule. Speaking words carefully because of changing daily definitions can be tradition. With words and traditions controlled by the new Pharisees of culture and scoffing as their weapon of conformity…

How do we live like Jesus?

We don’t accuse others.

As soon we do, we have lost. Let Jesus bring conviction, while we become Good Samaritans, extend grace to those cast aside by judgment, and above all, rejoice…

that all of us are returning prodigals!

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