Power Evangelism by John Wimber

The book, Power Evangelism by John Wimber, changed my life.

In this book, Wimber writes that we can walk so powerfully in the Spirit that doors will be opened for sharing the gospel through the miracles that we do in the name of Jesus.

The theology of this book taught that Jesus introduced a Kingdom in which we have power through His authority. Wimber explains that a policeman doesn’t have the power to stop a speeding car, but he does have the authority.

Jesus told us in His Great Commission, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth, therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

I began to realize that while I can’t do much in my own effort, if Jesus has given me His authority, then I can pray for the sick to be healed, the lost saved, and the captives set free.

I learned this lesson by reading Power Evangelism in 1986. I have been praying with received authority since.

Now, the underbelly of God’s power today.

Many that we pray for do not get healed. John Wimber eventually died of heart disease and cancer. The Apostle Paul had a thorn in his flesh that had something to do with an eye disease (2 Corinthians 12:7 and Galatians 6:11).

Though John Wimber doesn’t deal directly with this issue, his idea of Kingdom “now and then” has helped me continue to pray even when seemingly, there is no immediate result.

It is the Kingdom of Jesus, not mine; He decides, I pray. Jesus told the disciples that if they had faith, they could command a mountain to be cast into the sea.

Here is the key to faith – it is in Jesus, not your efforts! Pray in the name of Jesus for His Kingdom to be manifest. Jesus decides, not you; we pray in faith!

When I learned this principle, I felt okay if there wasn’t a healing; there was nothing wrong with me. I know my faith is at least the size of a mustard seed in the ability of Jesus to heal.

Jesus didn’t heal. Okay, God decides. Let’s submit our actions to the authority of Jesus!

Jesus asked his disciples if He will find faith on earth when He returns (Luke 18:8). Will He?

I think this question is a prophetic indicator that mustard seed faith – commanding mountains to move – will become commonplace right before the return of Jesus.

I continue to pray for miracles. I want my “mustard seed” of faith to be found active when I see Jesus. His Kingdom is His Kingdom. There is a “then” aspect in heaven where His authority and power will be abundantly manifest. There is also a “now” on earth where the power seems to ebb and flow.

Have faith! The greatest filling of God’s power is coming soon.

Amen! Pray for the sick today.

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