How Can You Be a Christian?

How can you be a Christian and believe that… or vote for that person?

Jesus said, “Seek first my Kingdom and my righteousness and you will have all things.”  Matthew 6:33 (OGV)

Jesus had apostles from the political left and the political right in the inner-12 circle. I don’t think that He would say today, “How can you believe that or vote for that person?”

Jesus walked the middle ground of speaking the truth in love. He would not find saving righteousness in any political party. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, the life.” He says today, “Follow me!”

Up front, from Pastor Grant: I hate abortion. I believe it could be the most important issue of this generation. Can God totally bless a country that tolerates abortion?

Also, from Pastor Grant: I am not sure God can totally bless a country that is materialistic, racist, and ignores the plight of the poor.

In the church that I pastor, members are left and right, Democrat and Republican, this issue or that issue, wealthy and poor. I think there are even some hidden Philistines.

I am an America citizen, born in God’s country, and fortunately not from California. Both of my parents served in World War II. Yet, my ultimate allegiance is to King Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

I think there is a problem when we define our politics as “What would Jesus do?” Jesus offended both the left and the right in His day. They put Him to death and ultimately, if Jesus were alive today, both political parties would finally agree on one thing: “Give us Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!”

That’s the flesh – we live in the flesh. The flesh can’t be redeemed by persuasion, works, or right beliefs. We are all saved by faith. God judges who is a follower and who will get into heaven.

Jesus taught that many who think they follow Jesus will not find themselves in heaven.  Some, whom we consider lost, will be enjoying the Marriage Feast of the Lamb on the first day of eternity.

Those who have faith in Jesus only. Those who learn to be convicted, who confess, and who walk in confidence. Those who pay the price to follow Jesus.

We will worship together in heaven.

Jesus came to establish a Kingdom not of this world. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t vote, join a political party, and support righteous policies. We don’t need to be mean or judge.

I believe in just wars.

Speak the truth in love. Ask the question, “What does the Bible say?” Then consider, “What is the Spirit saying that we should do?” BE HUMBLE as you debate. Remember to remove the log in your own eye before you challenge the speck in another person’s eye.

As politics become extreme and vengeful, all sides will persecute “truth spoken in love.”  Those who follow Jesus should not be surprised!

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