Conspiracy Thinking

Everyone who does not acknowledge that Jesus is from God has the spirit of antichrist, which you heard was coming and is already active in the world.

1 John 4:3

Warning! This Interruption could offend you. 

Please look up the word “parody” before you begin.

There is a vast right-wing conspiracy; there is a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump agreed 15 years ago to secretly represent a different side of the political spectrum, then win consecutive elections, and after their election, trend to the either the far right or the far left, ultimately dividing the country.

Into this divide will arise a political leader speaking peace!

Both the left and the right will follow him. He loves Israel. He will restore your lost 401k.  Once you have the vaccine (with hidden chips) you can travel with no border restrictions anywhere in the world.

Jobs will return. The stock market has been unified into LHN Unified Market (London Hong Kong New York) for ease of trading.

All currency has been changed to the new 666 Bitcoin, and when you exchanged dollars, pesos, rubles, or pounds you were given a 30% bonus. If you did not exchange, you lost all your money.

Religious and political strife has calmed. Finally, world peace!

All religions, all political parties, and all gender issues have been blended into the new Unified Accepted Faith (Lovingly called the “New Faith”.). The Prophet behind the New Faith regularly performs miracles. With his demonstrations of power, other religions have been rendered incompetent and sectarian. Atheists have been outlawed and scientists can only speak the truth defined by the Prophet.

The Prophet and the New Political Leader work together.

They virtually appear throughout the world demonstrating their power to restore peace whenever and wherever the contagion of resistance appears. Citizens of the world prove their loyalty with an embedded holographic chip that creates a multi-colored rainbow around the head and hands.

Those without the hologram cannot enter retails stores. They are stopped at the door as they too easily infect others with irreverent thoughts. The faithful greet one another with the mantra, “Peace, love, and rock ‘n roll.”

You know your Lord and his Prophet. They work for your good. Your needs are provided. Their enemies are your enemies.

If anyone disagrees with me on this, below are hashtags, YouTube videos, web sites, and TikTok sorties that prove anything needed to be proved.

Please forward to all your friends. Tell your forwarded friends of an anecdote that you heard from a friend about what a doctor said about proven research from Swaziland.


TikTokTikTokTikTok the time is now

Note from Pastor Grant: Conspiracy Theories allow me to say anything with believability inherent in the writing. I blog or vlog and others believe. If you agree, you believe and forward to your friends.  

If you do not agree, that’s okay, because the other side of the conspiracy is working the same game – to get the world’s population reactive instead of thoughtful.

And then control the reaction, so that one question can be asked to everyone:

Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ and from God?

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