Sharing Jesus With Your Dad This Christmas!

The priest of your house – that would be you!

You are living stones being built as a spiritual house where you serve as a holy priest offering spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God.  2 Peter 2:5 OGV

Yes, you, a priest of your own house. If you don’t offer sacrifices of prayer and godly living, who will? Your household is your temple.

I define a priest as someone who represents God to others and then brings others to Jesus. There is “representing” and “bringing” in your commission as a priest. You must represent by action with confidence in proclaiming.

About 30 years ago, a young man walked up to me with great excitement. He said that he had just led his father to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I asked his story:

My father has ridiculed my faith for years. He is sick, and I’m not sure that he will live long. I went to see him, and while driving to the hospital, I prayed that I would have an opportunity to share why I follow Jesus.

When I entered his room at the hospital there was no one else there. If my mother or sister had been there, I wouldn’t have been able to talk about Christ. They were not. Only God’s presence as I walked into the room.

We had a great conversation. Usually, I say something, or he says something, and it’s off to anger and yelling. This time we talked about me. He asked about Jesus. I told him my story. I was speaking words that I hadn’t planned and didn’t know that I could speak.

I had a gentle boldness. I was able to pray with my father about accepting Jesus.

Since having that conversation, I have followed the “Priest of Your Family” regimen. There are three requests that you should ask for members of your family, co-workers, or friends who do not follow Jesus:

  1. Ask for an opportunity. Don’t force a witnessing situation. Those who don’t know Jesus have a default position of deceit, woven by the evil one, causing rejection when someone mentions Jesus. It can be bad religion as a child, anger about a tragedy, a familiar sin they want to keep, or fear of what others will think. God is bigger than these strongholds. Pray to break them and look for a relational moment for sharing.
  2. Ask for wisdom as you speak. Some words open doors while others cause strife. Pray for the right words to begin – something gentle, that you have in common, that expresses your vulnerability. Don’t focus on their sin; speak of the excellencies of Jesus.
  3. Ask for boldness. There is nothing more intimidating than leading a family member to a relationship with Jesus. You are the priest of your family. You can have both the opportunity and the right words but fail if you don’t confidently engage the opportunity.

Throughout the holidays, even with social distancing, pray for moments of opportunity.  Consider aggressive asking right now for a specific person, as a priest offers sacrifices for breakthrough.

You are a royal priest… so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.  1 Peter 2:9 NASB

Yes, you!

Put on your long-flowing robes, burn cinnamon incense, and be a blessing to your family this Christmas. The robes are optional, and you might not like scented candles, however, if you are not a priest to your family, who will be?

Opportunity, wisdom, boldness – the catechism of your priesthood.

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