End-Times Wandering

I memorized the book of James over 30 years ago.

It is brilliant writing with even better practical advice. James ends his book with one of most practical statements, especially for the church of 2021:

If anyone wanders from the truth and someone brings him back…  James 1:19

A recent and respected church consultant wrote:

36%: The average in-person attendance for reopened churches. No leader entered 2020 saying, “I hope we’re at 36% of where we are at right now by the end of the year.”

A lot of wandering!

“Wandering” in Greek is the word from which we get “planet”. Planets need a set course.  Earth or Mars wandering off their set course creates chaos. Millions of Christians wandering from the truth does the same thing!

This wandering is an end-time prediction. Chaos, chaos, chaos, and more chaos now!

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching… and will turn away from the truth and wander off into myths.  2 Timothy 4:4

Pastor Grant, sharpening his math skills, “Okay, 100 percent minus 36 percent (using calculator) equals 64 percent missing!”

My summation indicates that a church of 100 on January 1, 2020, had 36 in attendance on January 1, 2021; a church of 1,000 on January 1, 2020 had 360 in-building attendance on January 1, 2021. Prophecy from the Bible gets it right again. The greatest church wandering ever, predicted for the end-times, is happening right now!

Christians are wandering from “truth.”

The Greek word for “truth” is the most beautiful word in the Greek. You pronounce it “a-lay-thia”. I think the pleasant sound of “truth” indicates a life lived in truth! The word “death” in the Greek is a harsh sounding “thanatos”, often used for naming evil characters in comics, cartoons, and video games.

Let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death.  James 5:20

Truth or death. Beautiful and harsh. James ends his book with a warning of what happens when we wander! Wandering from truth is very difficult for you to discern.

My son-in-law is an excellent cook. He cooked our entire Thanksgiving dinner. When I arrived, he asked me to taste something as he wanted to know if it was “just” right.

I tasted; it was great.

While creating a dish, becoming immersed in the actual smells, the senses dull to the actual taste. My son-in-law needed a “taste tester.” That’s me, as I always try to be helpful.

In 2020, many wandered. Living without fellowship creates a recipe for not sensing truth and consequences. James writes that those of us living in 2021 who challenge, taste, confront, and encourage “the wandering,” can save them from a life of futility.

I’m praying for those who are wandering. Join me!

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