The “531” Simple Bible Reading Plan

531! A simple plan.

The Bible is attacked, has been attacked, and will be attacked.

No other book in history has endured constant criticism and ridicule and yet remains credible as the inspired word of God. I constantly read the criticisms of the Bible and its reliability and yet when I read the Bible, I find the peace of God, like God sitting next to me.

I don’t sense the presence of God from reading any other book.

I read both those who are entirely agnostic to scripture; authors that I call the “in-betweens” as they believe somewhat the inspiration but must find it through the cultural distractions of the first century; and writers of faith who scholastically trash skeptics with solid archeological and textual evidence.

A quote from one book:

The astonishing amount of archaeological corroboration of the kinds of details in the Bible that can be tested grows steadily with each generation. The theological unity of Scripture, even amid all its diversity, enables readers of all sixty-six books to discern a coherent narrative plot, profound wisdom, and a metanarrative that explains human nature from its origins to its final destiny. No other anthology of literature in the history of the world even attempts to undertake all three of these tasks simultaneously.

From another book:

  1. Solid corroborating evidence that grows constantly.
  2. Unity amid the diversity of coherent plot through 66 books written over 1,600 years.
  3. The “big picture” that explains human nature and the designs of past, present, and future of history.

Wow! All in one book. I think the only other writings that approach this skill and magnitude are the Interruptions blog posts!

531! A simple plan to read the Bible.


Read five verses.


Take 30 seconds to ask three questions:

  1. What does this say?
  2. How does this apply to Kingdom living now?
  3. “God, what do you want me to do?”


What is one thing being said through these five verses? One idea that will change my attitude, give me strength, or that I need to obey.

The Bible must be read for a great life. The 531 plan is a simple way to get understanding, application, and action. Also, also, also…

…do not forget to read Interruptions daily! And send them to others!


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