A-Game Attitude

The last time you played basketball or golf, did you bring your A-Game? If you don’t play basketball or golf but Pokémon with friends—again, did you bring your A-Game?

Maybe you have never had an A-Game.

Years back, maintaining an A-Game attitude became my goal. I found that there is an A-Game, a B-Game, a C-Game, and a D-Game when it comes to attitude. While we still pass with a B, C, or D in high school (I know more about C’s and D’s than most); in life B, C, and D are really an F.

Again, only the A-Game wins with attitude; while B, C, and D are an F. They fail. Life has a very steep grading curve!

What am I mumbling about?

While considering Ephesians 4:2, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind,” I realized that the Greek word for “renewed” could also be rendered “a new process of the mind.”  So, I studied what types of thoughts or thinking caused me discouragement.

I wanted to discover a process or game that would help me maintain a renewed mind.

I would be happy and then a thought would pierce my thinking. Like a dart, it flew in, ruining my attitude for a moment, an hour, or a day. I began categorizing these thoughts and I came up with three thinking patterns.

These patterns could instantly take my mind (and yours) from joy to frustration and discouragement. I discovered that if I had a “B” thought, “C” thought, or “D” thought, my attitude would fail – an “F.”

  • B… Bemoan. Thinking “Woe is me” or “Why did I do that?” or “If I would have done this instead.” We bemoan actions of self or others. Bemoaning isn’t living in the forgiveness of grace or the freedom of mercy; it re-thinks actions bringing self-condemnation. Do you have a B-Game?  Do you bemoan your life too often? This attitude fails.
  • C… Compare. Considering others or even your own expectations, and thinking “I wish I were like that” or “Why am I not that successful?” or “If I had more money” or “If I had their looks”… on and on. The “C” coming from comparison causes discouragement. Not your A-Game.
  • D… Demean. Too easily we demean ourselves. When you think “I’m worthless” or “I will never be loved” or “I can’t overcome” you have a “D” and it is an “F.”

What is this A-Game?

The A-Game is the opposite of the “F” or “B,” “C,” or “D” game. It is Adoration! Paul writes in Philippians 4:8: “If there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  

The A-Game is thanking, praising, and rejoicing in all things!

Now when I have a “B,” “C,” or “D” thought – bemoan, compare, or demean—I think, “God, I’m thankful for all that you have done. I am grateful for your grace in my life. I’m excited about your calling for me.”

I have several friends who text me “A-Game” – nothing more, just “A-Game.” It reminds me to keep my mind on adoration during the day. Try it now. Text a friend “A-Game” with no explanation.

If they text back asking if you are crazy; you can then describe the A-Game. An attitude with a God greater than your inadequacies, failures, and frustrations.  In all things, you are learning to rejoice.

Remember: A-Game not B, C, or D games! Forget about basketball or disc golf – you now have an A-Game.

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